Something went wrong many centuries ago. The genders started fighting. Now the women live on Okuria and the men live on Okurio. There are humans, ogres, dragons, anything you can imagine. What happened? Wren Arama is on a quest to find out.


1. Wren

My name is Wren Amara. I'm a girl and I should be on the planet Okuria. But instead I'm on Okurio, the sister planet with only men. Many centuries ago something happened between the sexes and now we're separated. I wanted to know why so I packed my stuff and dressed as a boy, taking a ship to Okurio. That was seven months ago and I haven't gotten anywhere with my research. Maybe because I hide around avoiding people as I study the men. 

"Here sir." A waiter handed me my salted caramel hot chocolate.

I wore a binder so I looked flat chested and I had on a baggy gray hoodie and sweatpants with sneakers.

"Oh thanks." I smiled and nodded. 

I sipped my hot chocolate and looked at my sketches.

"Uh..." I glanced, realizing the waiter was nervously shifting feet next to me still. 

"Yes?" I cocked an eyebrow. 

"Well, y-you come here daily so I s-see you a lot and..." He scratched his head. "Well I was wondering if you'd like to go on a walk with me sometimes." 

He had short brown hair with green eyes set beneath well arched eyebrows and his face was now red. I nearly spit up my hot chocolate.

"Uh, excuse me? Why would you want me to go on a walk with you?" I started feeling nervous, gathering up my belongings. 

"W-well 'cause y-you're cute." He turned his head. 

I stood up suddenly, the chair skidding back as I clutched my sketchbook to my chest. My heart beating rapidly I cried out, "N-no thank you! I-I can't! Bye!" 

I rushed passed him, flinging the door opening and running down the sidewalk. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the waiter peering out after me with a saddened expression. I turned a corner and stopped, leaning on the side of a brick building. I let out a large breath. "I would've taken the offer in a heartbeat if I was allowed to be here." 

I was eighteen and still hadn't dated or kissed anyone. I didn't like girls, but I liked men. Sadly, I wasn't supposed to be here and I couldn't reveal myself. 

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