Something went wrong many centuries ago. The genders started fighting. Now the women live on Okuria and the men live on Okurio. There are humans, ogres, dragons, anything you can imagine. What happened? Wren Arama is on a quest to find out.


3. Leave Me Be

I pressed myself to the far side of the elevator as I rode with the man toward his apartment. I licked the piercing I had right below my bottom lip, a habit I've acquired. He hummed with his back to me. The lights blinked from floor one to two to three and steadily increasing. "F-floor eleven?!" I squealed in shock as we came to a stop. 

"Yes, now come on." The man strode out and I gasped at what I saw. 

A large room with a large couch in the far in greeted us. The left side of me was a large window, overlooking the city. He led me to the couch, placed on a fluffy gray rug with several chairs facing a fireplace with a large flatscreen above it. "Please sit while I find the books." He gestured to the chairs. 

"Okay." I sat down slowly in the chair facing the window. 

A short hallway led down to a room with granite counter tops and leather stools around the granite island, presumably the kitchen. From there it led into more space. "This place is huge!" I gasped.

I looked at the glass coffee table and picked up the magazine on it. I flipped through but found nothing interesting, just models and such. "BARRY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!" I heard a deep shout. 

There was a scrambling and I heard laughter. I turned and my eyes widened as a familiar face rushed toward me, holding a book. "Why would you need this, Charles? Huh, huh?!" The man leaped and landed on the couch. 

The man I'd came here with, Charles, growled and rushed in, snatching the book. "For research idiot!" He snapped and gestured toward me. 

I stood rapidly, sweating glistening on my body. The man from the cafe looked at me, standing abruptly. "Y-you!" His cheeks grew pink. 

"I-I'm sorry! I need to go! Thank you anyways sir!" I bowed to Charles and rushed for the elevator.

"Wait, shouldn't you at least take this book?!" Charles called, walking toward me as I entered the elevator and pushed the floor button. 

"N-no that's fine!" I shook my head as the elevator shut. 

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