Something went wrong many centuries ago. The genders started fighting. Now the women live on Okuria and the men live on Okurio. There are humans, ogres, dragons, anything you can imagine. What happened? Wren Arama is on a quest to find out.


4. Get It Right!

"D-dammit." I hissed as I entered my apartment.

My heart beat hadn't slowed since running out of the large building that Charles lived in. I kicked off my sneakers and stripped myself as I walked toward the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes and wraps. I turned on the warm water, waiting until it was just right to enter. The water trickled down my body and I sighed, relishing the relaxing feeling that came across me. I hoped it would wash my worried down the drain. It helped a little but not a lot. 

Stepping from the shower, I dried off and changed into pajamas, neglecting the clothing on the floor as I sat down. "This day was wonderful wasn't it?" I said. 

My stomach rumbled and I sighed, heaving up from the couch and walking toward my fridge. "No food, wonderful." I spat. "Maybe I just won't eat."

my stomach growled louder. "Fine, fine. I'll order pizza." I rolled my eyes, picking up the phone and calling. 

I waited and waited until finally the knock on the door came. I had put on my wrap already so I rushed to the door and flung it open. I handed the muscular, blonde haired pizza guy, who's hair was spiked into a small fohawk, the money and took my pizza. I walked toward the counter, setting the box down and licking my lips. "Mm, I can't wait to eat this yummy, delicious, tasty...pepperoni pizza?!" I shrieked as I opened the box to find plain cheese pizza. 

Angry, I grabbed a slice and headed toward the window. "You can't just get my order wrong." I growled as I opened the window and watched as the pizza guy exited toward his car. 

"HEY YOU, PIZZA GUY! TRY AND GET MY ORDER RIGHT NEXT TIME!" I yelled and chucked the slice. 

Wow, was I a shot! It landed right in top of the blonde haired mans head. Slowly, he reached and pulled it off, looking up at me. I swear I could feel daggers piercing me. "You'll pay for that bastard!" He yelled. 

"I already did, dumb ass!" I shouted back as he ran toward the building. 

Eyes widening, I slammed the window shut and locked my door quickly. I ran behind my kitchen counter and hid, waiting. A few moments later, there was pounding at the door. "Open up and fight me, ass!" He yelled. 

"Go away or I'll call the cops!" I shrieked. 

I waited fifteen minutes before I heard him leave. I slowly got up and started eating my pizza. 'Idiot.' I thought.  

"Tomorrow will be better!" I told myself. 

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