Something went wrong many centuries ago. The genders started fighting. Now the women live on Okuria and the men live on Okurio. There are humans, ogres, dragons, anything you can imagine. What happened? Wren Arama is on a quest to find out.


5. Finally Know Them

I sighed as I walked down the sidewalk. I had finally given in after three days, deciding to return to the cafe. I saw couples walking. I wish I could have a boyfriend.

Eventually I reached the cafe. After several minutes of pressing my face to the glass window and getting weird stares, I deemed it safe to go in. I cautiously stepped in and fast walked to a table in the back. I sat down, fidgeting and waiting. A waiter walked up, took my order, and left.

The waiter returned with my sandwich and hot chocolate. I ate my sandwich and started my hot chocolate. I sighed contently, oh how I'd missed the cafe's food and hot chocolate. I leaned back and turned to look at the window at the front of the cafe. My eyed widened immediately.

I stood and rushed to the cashier. "Leaning already?" The cashier chuckled and rang me up.

I mumbled a thank you and strode toward the door, head down. I breathed a sigh of relief as I exited the cafe. Sadly, luck wasn't on my side. I had only gone a few steps when I heard him call, "E-excuse me! Wait!"

I gulped and kept walking, finishing my coffee and throwing it in a trash can. "H-hey!" Barry fell into step by me.

"What do you want?!" I snapped, turning away.

"I-um...did something?" He leaned around and tried to catch my eyes.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I turned my head further away.

" seem so nervous around me, like you're avoiding me." Barry's eyes were wide and sad.

I turned to him. "It-it's not that I don't like you Barry..." I said slowly.

"Really? Th-that's great!" Barry smiled.

My heart skipped a beat, he was adorable. "I just...can't be in a...relationship." I stated, wording my sentences carefully.

"W-why not?" Barry whimpered.

"I...I'd be in deep shit if I did!" I exclaimed.

Barry drew back, watching me quizzically. "Why?"

"Because..." I stopped myself. "I can't tell you."

I looked down, hugging myself. I felt a large hand pat my head. "When you feel ready you can tell me." Barry smiled warmly.

"Thanks." I murmured.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand, pulling me down a street. "H-hey!" I squealed.

"Charles felt bad that you didn't get that book and I promised I'd bring you back." Barry laughed at my surprised expression.

When we reached the building they lived at, Barry had yet to let go of me. "Barry let go! I wont run off!" I laughed.

"Can't be to sure can we?" He winked and led me into the elevator.

I beat him to the button and pressed the eleventh floor button. We sat in comfortable silence as we waited to reach his apartment. "Say Barry." I turned to him.


"Why do you live with Charles?" I asked.

"He's my older brother. My younger brother is Dan. He lives with us, along with a couple friends." Barry explained.

"No wonder you need such a big place." I said.

Barry nodded and the elevator stopped, opening up to the luxurious apartment. I followed him in and spied spiky yellow hair over the couch. "Yo Charles!" Barry called.

"Shut up Barry!" Charles's voice came down the hall.

He walked in, with a book under his arm. He froze at the sight of me. "Oh! The book! Here I'll get it hold on!" He exclaimed, running back from where he'd came.

I looked at Barry and he shrugged. "Thats Jake over on the couch." Barry gestured toward him.

Jake waved a lazy hand then dropped it again. He never once turned. "Jake come on." Charles walked back in, whacking him.

Charles strode over and placed the book in my hands. "Thank you." I smiled up at him.

"Oh no problem. Say, I never got your name. Barry, you never told me his name." Charles looked at Barry.

"I don't think I ever asked him." Barry looked down blushing.

"What guy, sees someone they like and doesn't figure out their name?!" Jake yelled, speaking for the first time.

His voice sounded familiar. "I'm Wren." I smiled at Charles and Barry.

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