A Journey Across The Pond

Lori lives in Charleston, South Carolina and has just broken up with her abusive boyfriend, Sean, a few weeks ago. They were dating for a year, but only by force. Through out the time, she has been talking to this guy online for a few months now and has fallen in love with him. But the problem is he lives in england. Her old abusive boyfriend finds out about this and he starts abusing her again, beating her at school and ruining her online life. Will the girl ever get help? Will she finally meet this boy that she has fallen for?


2. Surprise Visit

I was sitting down at my desk, staring at the computer screen waiting for it to refresh, revealing the message from him. 

His name is Kevin. We have been talking for about 2 and a half months now, and I am falling madly in love with him. 

As I am waiting for the message, I grab my brush and start to comb my long brown hair. I pull the brush through all of the knots and my hair eventually looks better.

I put down the brush as I see the message come onto my screen. A smile creeps onto my face as I read the message.

"So what have you been up to?"

Now, I know that it is a simple message, but it is something about him that just warms my insides. I have never seen him or anything, but I just know that there is something special. 

Kevin lives in England, several thousand miles away from where I am. From what he has said, he has brown, short hair and blue eyes. He is a taller guy and to me he sounds really handsome. 

Now me on the other hand, I have long brown hair and green eyes. I am shorter and a thinner build. I could go on and on about myself, but there are better things to tell.

I finish responding back to his message and click send. The page refreshes, showing that the message has gone through. 

Now, we dont get to talk all the time because of time zone differances, but when ever we get the chance, I love talking to him. Usually when school is in, we talk for three hours on the week days and how ever long we can on the weekend. Five hours turned out to be a big difference!

We are both seventeen and I am turning eighteen in next April. So I have a good amount of time until we turn, our birthdays being only 2 days apart, mine being the later date. 

I hear a nock at the door, and being the only one home, I get up and get it. 

My mom works almost all day durring summer, so I don't see her too much, except for on weekends. My dad is gone somewhere. Who the hell knows, but my parents are divorced to say the least. 

I run down the stairs and open the door. 

"Sean, what the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never want to see you again!" I yell. 

Right as I am shutting the door, he puts his foot between it and the frame, stopping me from closing it. 

"And what made you think that I would listen to that," He says, pushing his way into the house.

"Sean, leave me alone!" I yell, backing away from his towering figure.

He is dressed in black jeans, a tank, and a button up shirt that is open in the front. His hair is pulled back and geled up. 

"I think we should go upstairs," He says. 

My eyes widen as he says this, realising what he wants to do. 

He tightly grabs my wrist and I whence in pain. 

"Sean, please don't do this! You know that I am still a virgin!"

"What the hell makes you think that I care about your virginity?!" he yells. 

I feel tears forming in my eyes as I am being draged up the stairs. I fight to hold them back because showing him that I am afraid will only make him enjoy this even more. 

He opens the door to my room and pushes me onto my bed. But he notices my computer screen open out of the corner of his eye. He forgets about me for a minute and walks over to the computer.

I realise that the chat window is still open and I start panicing. What if he gets upset?!

"Who is this kid, Kevrox14?" he asks. 

"No one important," I lie.

"It sure as hell looks like someone important," He says. "Who is he?"

"He is just a guy I met. Why the fuck do you care about my online life?" I ask.

"You like him. You bitch!" He yells. 

He walks over to me, hand raised in the air. I put my arms up in defense. He smacks me across the face and a stinging pain arises, along with a ringing in my left ear. 

"Please," I beg. "Don't start this again."

He punches me in the gut, causing me to clench my stomach. 

"Maybe next time you will think before going and liking another guy," Sean says.

"I can fucking like who I want!" I say. "He will always be better than you, you bastard!" 

He picks up the lamp off of my bedside table and raises it up in the air. I am bracing for impact when we both hear the keys inside a door lock turning. 

"You are lucky this time. Next time I catch you alone, you won't be," He says. 

He opens my window and hops out, down to the ground. 

"Lori, I'm home!" my mom calls out. "You doing alright?"

"Yeah I am fine!" I call out, lyeing. 

I grab my trash can from the side of my desk because of the feeling like I am about to throw up, but luckily I don't. I pull my computer off of my desk and onto my bed so I don't have to get up. I message Kevin. 

"Hey, sorry. I had an unpleasent visit from Sean... That jackass kind of broke into my house..."

A few seconds later, I get a message back. 

"Oh god! Please tell me he didn't hurt you! Are you alright?!"

I tell him all that happened and he tells me how sorry he is for what happened. 

I feel bad because he thinks it is his fault that he can't be here to protect me and all. I keep telling him it is fine, but he insists that I tell someone. 

I keep having to explain to him that Sean told me that if I told anyone about what he does to me, that he will come out and find me, and kill me. It makes me shiver just to think about him saying that to me. 

I grab the make up off of my bedside table and put on some foundation to cover up the red hand-shaped mark on my left cheek. I use all my strength to get up and try to walk normally, which I am pretty good at now, and go downstairs to see my mom. 

It is friday night and the last weekend before the start of school, which meant stress, a load of work, and less messaging to Kevin. The biggest thing I hate about school. It takes time away from talking to him. 

I begin to walk down the stairs and stumble, but thankfully catch myself.

"You okay hun?" My mom calls out. 

"Yeah, I'm alright."

I walk across the hall and find my mom in the kitchen and walk up to her and give her a hug. 

"How was work?" I ask.

"It was alright," She responds. "My , Desiree, had to leave early because her son broke his leg and went to the hospital."

"Trent broke his leg?!" I ask worrily. 

"Yeah, but she texted me saying it was only a small brakeage so he doesn't need any surgery."

"Oh, well at least it wasn't too bad," I say.

My mom is beginning dinner and I go plop down on the couch in the livingroom and turn the TV onto the news, like my mom does after work. 

Apparently twins went missing today when they were riding their bikes. That sounds really scary.

My mom comes and sits beside me as the dinner is cooking in the oven. 

"So did you do anything today?" She asks. 

"No, not really. Just talked to Kevin and did my nails," I say as I hold out my nails for my mom to see. 

"Ooh! Pretty!" she exclaims. "So how is Kevin? Is he doing alright?"

"Yeah," I say. "He is doing pretty well. He got a new dog today! He named him Tom."

"Oh how cool! What breed?" My mom asks.

"I can't remember what he said. Some sort of mix I think," I say. 

"Well, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, so if the timer goes off and I am still in my room, will you pull it out?" My mom asks.

"Sure," I say.

Ten minutes later, the timer goes off and my mom still isn't out so I go into the kitchen and pull out the dish. 

Tonight we are having Lazagna. I cut two squares, one for me and one for my mom. 

"Mom, dinner is ready!" I call out, pouring two glasses of sweet tea. I carry everything to the table and sit down right as my mom walks in. 

We begin eating and finish quite quick. We were probably both just as hungry as the other.

"Dinner was really good mom," I say. 

"Thank you hun," She says. 

I clean up from dinner and wash and dry off the plates.

"Hey Lori," My mom says, "I am going to go ahead and go to bed. I had a long day at work. Love you hun!"

"Alright, get some rest," I say. 

My mom walks into her room and shuts the door. I lay down on the couch, watching MTV and fall asleep to the sound of light rain hitting the roof.

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