A Journey Across The Pond

Lori lives in Charleston, South Carolina and has just broken up with her abusive boyfriend, Sean, a few weeks ago. They were dating for a year, but only by force. Through out the time, she has been talking to this guy online for a few months now and has fallen in love with him. But the problem is he lives in england. Her old abusive boyfriend finds out about this and he starts abusing her again, beating her at school and ruining her online life. Will the girl ever get help? Will she finally meet this boy that she has fallen for?


3. First Day Of School

[Monday, first day of school]

My alarm rings at exactly 5:30 in the morning. I groan at the old sound of the constant buzzing. I get up and walk across the room to the clock that won’t shut up and slam the top of it with my hand until it shuts off. I still have no idea where the off button is. I honestly don’t think it has one.

My mom hollers from down stairs, “Morning! Be ready for your first day of tenth grade!”

I roll my eyes and walk to the side of my room and open the bathroom door. Yes, my room has its own bathroom.

I turn on the water and let the water warm while I brush my teeth and strip off all of my clothes. I step into the tub and let the warm water fall onto me, warming me from the cold air running thru the house.

A few minutes later I get out and wrap a towel around my body and another for my hair. I go over to the sink and start with my hair. I undo the towel and try to squeeze out any water I can, which isn’t much. I grab the blow drier and begin to thoroughly dry my hair.

Once I am done with that, I walk out into my room and into the cold air circulating through out the house. I grab my favorite yellow, wide neck cut shirt and a pair of navy blue skinny jeans.

I slip them on and grab mmy backpack, already filled with the things I need for the day. I run down the stairs, jumping down the bottom three and ending up in a pose, making my mom laugh out loud.

“Morning mom,” I say.

“Morning babe,” She responds. “You ready for your first day of school?”

“As ready as I can be,” I say enthusiastically.

My mom shoots me a smile and I put my stuff down by the door and walk across the room and thru the door to the kitchen. I walk over to where the fridge is and get the bagels that we keep next to it. I reach in the fridge and pull out the strawberry cream cheese. My favorite!

I put the two bagels in the toaster and pull the little lever down, making them disappear and start cooking. I go back to the fridge and pull out the chocolate milk and pour a glass to drink while I am waiting for my bagels to cook.

My mom walks in and grabs her phone off of the counter, which is ringing.

“Hello?” she says into the phone.

“Oh, alright then,” She says.

She hangs up the phone and looks at me.

“Will you be alright walking to the bus stop?” She asks. “It is just at the end of the street this year.”

“Yeah that’s fine mom,” I say.

“Ok good, because I have to go into work early today. But I should be off early since I am going in early.”

I nod my head and give her a hug goodbye.

She walks out of the room and I hear the front door open and then close. The ding from the toaster goes off, signaling that the bagels are done. I walk over and pull them out, and put cream cheese on one of them while the other one is on my plate waiting to be eaten. I look at the clock and notice that it is already 6:55. Did I really take that long getting ready?!

I grab my book bag and house key and head out the door, bagel in hand. I lock the door and begin the journey to the end of the street.

I get to the stop sign right as my bus pulls up, so I hop on and take my seat in the very back on the right. The bus driver pulls off and heads to school, since I am the last stop. I take this 15 minute ride to try and put on some foundation and lip gloss, since I was running a little late this morning. I pull it out of my purse and begin to put it on when the bus hits a huge bump and my purse goes flying out of my lap and all of its contents spill on the floor.

“Shit!” I say to myself.

I didn’t notice that Trent, my best guy friend, was sitting in front of me. He got up and helped me pick up the contents of my purse.

“Thanks Trent,” I say.

“Anytime,” he says smiling. “So how was your summer?”

“It was really great actually! I’ve been talking to Kevin all summer!”

I tell Trent everything. Good or bad he knows.

“That is great Lori!” He says. “How is he?”

“He is good. He started school last week so we didn’t get to talk as much as we would have liked.”

“Aw, well at least you still can,” He says, picking up the last of my purse.

I smile at him and I invite him to sit next to me. He gladly accepts and we both sit down. I finish putting on my makeup and put it back in my purse.

“So any word from Sean over summer?” Trent asks.

“Actually, he came over for a little visit Friday while my mom was still at work.”

“What?! Are you okay?” He asks.

I hold up my wrist to show him the diminishing bruise that is in the shape of a hand.

“That bastard!” He says. “I hope that is all that happened.”

“No, he slapped me across the face, but the mark is gone, thankfully,” I say.

“I’m going to kill him,” He says.

“Haha, I am sorry, but you would be beaten to a pulp,” I tell him.

He shrugs his shoulders in agreement and we both start laughing.

We talk the rest of the way to school of what we did over summer and what ever else came up.

We arrive at school and all of a sudden, I remember Sean’s words.

“Next time you won’t be so lucky when I catch you alone.”

I shiver at that and unconsciously grab Trent’s hand.

“Are you alright?” He asks as we walk through the black gates onto the campus.

“Yeah, just- don’t leave me this morning.”

“Okay, I won’t,” he says.

We walk to the high school building and go sit in the lounge and continue talking.

“Now, can I ask what is going through your mind?” Trent asks.

“It is just Sean,” I say.

I tell Trent what the last thing he told  me was and I could see the rage building up in his face.

“Trent, you look like a tomato,” I say laughing.

“Sorry, I just can’t stand him,” He says.

“That is understandable,” I say.

I cuddle up on him, but in a friend type way. I sort of wanted and needed to because of how cold the school keeps this building.

We keep talking about summer and our vacations that we took. I tell him about my trip to Florida and to Tennessee and also to North Carolina.

The bell interrupts our conversation, but we get up and grab our bags and head to our first class. I walk the opposite way of Trent, so we say our goodbyes and that we will see each other at lunch.

The first class I have is English two, which isn’t too bad of a class for me, but I have heard that the teacher can be an ass.

I take my seat right as the bell rings and the teacher, Mrs. Sickle, is just sitting at her desk staring at her computer. I look up at the board and see our assignment. I take out my summer reading paper and set it on my desk.

People are still coming in, even after the bell, but this is like every year on the first day. I open the book that I didn’t finish over summer and begin reading where I left off. I look up and see who is sitting right across from me. Sean.

“What do you want?” I ask him quietly.

“You know exactly what I want.”

I immediately get up and go over to the teacher’s desk.

“Excuse me, may I move seats? The guy across from me is someone I do not get along with.”

“Sure. Just pick any desk up towards the front,” Mrs. Sickle says.

“Thank you,” I say, very grateful that she allowed me to move.

I pick up my stuff and move to the very front desk as far away from Sean as possible.

I notice that I am sitting across from my best friend, Molly.

“Hey!” I say quietly. 

She looks up from her book and smiles at me. The teacher gets up and turns out the lights and then the board on. She puts up our assignment and we all get started. We had to write a one page journal on animal cruelty.

I pull out my binder and get started. One page isn’t a whole lot so this should be easy.

Ten minutes later, the teacher tells us to find a stopping place and if we didn’t finish that we can for homework. She goes up to the front of the room to the podium and starts talking about our summer reading.

An hour later, the bell rings and our class is let out. God, that class dragged on for what felt like days.

I really hope that Spanish, what I have next, will be better. I mean I love my Spanish teacher so this should be a decent class.

I walk in and put my things down and go back out to get a drink of water.

I hear the bell as I am drinking so I just walk over to the room, which is right next to the fountains.

She gets up and shuts the door and class begins. We all take out our notes and basically began where we left off last year.

90 minutes later, we are out. Oh my god. That class would not end! It dragged on and on. Well I have one more class before lunch, so I hope it will be good.

Computer class is next. I treck across the building and find my class.

I love computer class because it is kind of like a break from all of the other classes. We will be learning how to use word and excel and all of those programs. It should be simple since I already know so much.

We begin by introducing ourselves and typing a poem on what we wrote. Extremely easy.

The bell rang for lunch and I practically sprint out of the room because of how hungry I am. This is the first year that I have had lunch past 12. This year it is at one in the afternoon and I am soooo hungry.

I meet my friends, Trent and Molly next to the windows in the comfortable soft chairs like always and set my things down. I go over to the line and ask for a chicken sandwich and check out. I walk back to the table and see my friends already eating so I sit down and begin eating myself.

“So Lori,” Molly says. “Trent told me about the Sean drama. Sorry that had to happen.”

“It is fine. I just need to watch out for him more now,” I say.

“Well we decided in second block that we will walk you around as much as we can,” Trent tells me.

“Thanks guys,” I say.

We decide to make Molly’s pizza go flying across the lunch room. And I mean it went FLYING. It almost hit the celing which is probably 40 feet high. It landed on some random freshman’s lunch trey. We all burst out laughing and the girl picks up the pizza and eats it.

“Gross!” Molly says, laughing her ass off.

“I mean who would pick up a random flying piece of pizza and eat it?!” Trent says laughing.

My face is completely red and I feel the tears from laughter come to my eyes. I try to control myself because my side is really starting to hurt, but I thought about it again and laughed even harder.

I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself down but I look over to see Molly sipping some water and she bursts out laughing again, spitting her water everywhere. I laugh so hard that I swore something popped inside of me.

I finally compose myself for real this time and drying my eyes from the tears after laughing.

“See this is why I love you all,” molly says, still giggling.

“Awe, I love you too Molls,” I say.

I look at the clock at the other side of the cafeteria and we only have five more minutes of lunch.


I throw my trash away and pack my bag for my next class, Band.

I am a flute player in the band, but I am third chair out of five so it isn’t so bad.

“Well, I will see you all later,” I say, standing up getting ready to head for band.

“Alright Lori,” Molly says. “See you later. Text me!”

“Alright! Bye!”

I walk down the breezeway and once I am next to the arts building, I head in the second set of doors from the cafeteria. I walk into the band room and pull my instrument out of my backpack. I go into the room and sit down and find a piece of music in front of me on my stand. I warm up playing a few scales and random notes, but once I feel like I am alright, I begin playing the piece on my own. It looks really easy compared to what we play so this should be a relaxing class.

The band teacher decides to come out thirty minutes after class starts and gets up on his podium and we begin class as a whole. We play our normal warm ups and then read down the sheet of music.

My friend, Desiree comes into class really late and sits next to me.

At least I can sit next to one of my good friends!

“Hey Desi!” I say.

“Hey Lori! How have you been?”

“I’ve been pretty good actually. Today dragged on though,” I say.

“Oh I know right! This is going to be a long year. I am with absolutely none of by close friends in any class except this one,” She says.

“Oh shush,” I say jokingly.

Our band director calls out the flute section to play since we were having trouble with the thirty-second note runs.

Forty five minutes later, the day is over. Thank goodness. I don’t know what I would do if we had five ninety minute classes in one day.

I walk out of the band room and find Trent waiting for me so we can walk to the bus together.

“How was band?” Trent asks, walking along side me.

“It was alright. I sit next to Desi, so it should be a decent year for that class.”

“Well that is good!” Trent says. “Apparently not many people have either good classes, or friends in their classes.”

“I know, the school system really fucked it up this year,” I say.

We get to the bus loop and look on the chart to see which spot our bus is in.

It is all the way up front. Of corse. It is a very long walk to the front of the line of busses.

We begin the journey to the front spot where our bus is and I can feel a pair of eyes stalking me. I look around and find Sean staring right at us from behind. He isn’t following, but the stare is like a laser burning right through you.

“Trent, Sean keeps staring at me,” I say.

“Just keep walking and don’t look back. Once we are on the bus we should be okay,” He says.

I nod my head and, finally, we get to our bus. We get on and are greeted by my bus driver.

We say hello and go to the very back where I have always sat and situate ourselves for the bus ride back.

Sean lives in the same neighborhood as I, but he is the stop after mine in the afternoons and before mine in the mornings. He lives like two or three streets down. I can never remember which one it is unless I see the small blue house on the corner.

“Hey Trent,” I begin. “Do you want to come back with me? I mean I have nothing to do and there was no homework today.”

“Sure! Why not?” He says. “Just let me text my mom and tell her where I am going to be.”

He pulls out his iPhone and types his mom a quick message. He and his mom are not close at all. From what it sounds like, there relationship is complicated.

My bus stop finally comes up and we both get off the bus and begin the walk to my house. It is not too far from the stop sign so that is the only reason I am willing to walk. I am not a very athletic person.

We walk up to a yellow house with one room on the second floor, which is over the garage. It is bigger than most houses on my street, but not by a lot. I pull the key out of my pocket and unlock the door. We both walk in and put our things down and plop down on the couch.

“So whatcha wanna do?” Trent asks me.

“Want some food?” I ask.

Trent laughs and agrees and we begin to raid my kitchen. 

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