Falling In Love

When Katie and Sam find out about One Direction's big secret, how will they react? How will the boy's react? What will the boys decide to do with the girls? Will they turn them or keep them human?

Katie and Sam just got out of school for the weekend and hear strange noises coming from a flat they walk by. The decide to go in and see what is going on. They find 5 very familiar looking boys with something all on their faces. When the boys notice Sam and Katie, at first, they decide to leave them alone. But there is a twist. Will one of them find love? Or will it be the exact opposite?


3. What Did I wake Up To?

Katie POV

I am laying down in bed thinking back as to how weird that dream I had last night was. One Direction being vampires? I don't exactly know if that should be amazing or freaky. I turn over and notice that the bed feels different. I don't know how, but it doesn't feel like my bed. I open my eyes to pitch black. What the hell? Why is it so da-... That is when it hit me. Last Night wasn't a dream. It was real.

"Sam?" I squeak out. "Sam? Where are you?" I say a little louder. I jump up and try to find the edge of the bed. Once I found it, I ran out of it. But before I could get too far, I feel a cold breeze and fun into something hard. right before I am going to hit the ground, a pair of cold hands catches me and pushes me, hard, back onto the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" A voice asks. I am panicking so I can't put the name to the voice.

"What did you do to her?" I ask.

"Who, your friend? Well, she is gone now."

I don't have to think of what that meant. They sucked the life out of her. My best friend that I grew up with and shared all of my secrets with. Gone. She is gone.

"Sam," I say, tears springing to my eyes. "Why? HOW COULD YOU?" I scream. I try to get back up again, but it is no use. I am just pushed back down again, but this time, a body is laying on top of me.

"I don't get it. Why do you keep trying to run? I'm just trying to have some fun here." The boy remarks.

I can feel his head lowering down to my neck. "No, PLEASE! Stop!"

I feel him kiss my neck several times on the same spot. I can feel his fangs grazing my skin.

"Please, stop," I plead. "Don- AHHHHH!!!" It hurt worse this time than last time. He is biting down harder and drinking me very quick. "SOMEONE PLEASE! HELP ME!" I manage to scream before the dizziness comes back. I can literally feel the life being sucked out of me. All I can do is just lay there, helplessly, and cry.

"Harrold!" I hear a new voice scream. "Harold stop right now!"

I can't see what is going on so I am trying to picture it. But I can't because I'm becoming too weak. I feel, who I now know the name of, Harry being lifted off of me and hear him hit the ground along with another body.

"Harry, you have to control yourself. You HAVE to stop! LIAM! GET IN HERE NOW!"

By now, I can tell that it is Louis that is also in the room. I didn't realise my eyes were open until the lights were turned on. I quickly shut them in pain of not seeing light for who knows how long.

"Liam, get Harry out of here. Come back when he is calmed down. I got to take care of Katie."

Woah woah woah, how does he know my name?!

"Aye, I'm just going to get Niall to get Harry cleaned up and take him somewhere other than here."

I can hear a growl and fighting going on. I squint my eyes to see Harry being drgged out of the large room and there is no sign of Louis. I slowly get up, head hurting like a bitch, and make my way for the window. Right as I am about to reach for it, A voice chimes from across the room.

"Where do you think your going?"

Those words, only said moments ago and this is what happened. I can't let it happen again. I reach for the window and try to open it. But before I can open it, someone wraps their arms arround me. Not again.

"Pl- please, don't hurt me again! ILL DO ANYTHING, Just don't hurt me again!" I say shivering violently and tears running down my face.

I can barely see straight from the loss of blood. I can still feel fresh blood running down the side of my neck onto my shirt.

"Shhh, I'm not going to hurt you. Everything will be okay."

"NO, LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream as I am trying to shake his grasp on me. "GET AWAY FROM ME HARRY! GO AWAY!"

"Ha- harry? Oh god, I'm so sorry. I bet he said those exact things." I'm not really listening as I am trying to shake my way out of his arms. "Hey, hey, hey. Calm down! It's me, Louis!"

I freeze right where I am. Wait, why isn't he already trying to kill me?

"Wh- Why aren't you already hurting me? Just, go ahead and get it over with." I say turning my head, still not moving an inch.

"What do you mean? Why would I want to hurt you?" Louis asks.


"Louis, just let go of her." I look over my shoulder to see who said that. Liam. How much I now hate that boy.

Louis finally lets me go and I run to the opposite side of the room. I find a vase full of fake flowers and throw it at Louis. Doesn't even scratch him.

"Hun," Liam says, "That type of stuff isn't going to hurt us." He says as he is walking closer to me but keeping distance.

I back into the corners where the walls meet and slide down to meet the floor.

Louis walks closer and says, "Babe, we wont hurt you. We promise." He smiles and that makes me shreik really loud. He stops where he is and his eyes widen.

"Lou, your teeth! Your scareing her!" Liam says rather loudly.

"Oh, god. I'm so sorry Kaite," He says as his fangs disappear under his lips. He walks up to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. I ball my fist up and swing at his face, hoping to do some damage. In the end I end up screaming because I broke every finger in that hand.

"Zayn, bring some bandages in here!" Liam yells. "Katie, I told you that this won't hurt us."

"H- how do you know my name?" I ask.

"It was in sam's phone." Louis replies.

"SAM! WHERE IS SHE?!" I scream. They both look away.

"I'm sorry to say, but Harry went on a rampage last night, being the newest at this and all, and got a little carried away with your friend." Zayn says walking into the room. "She- she is dead."

Those words replay over and over again in my head as I sit there in shock. Sam is gone. They actually said that they killed her. Harry killed her. I feel my phone in my back pocket. An idea sprang to my head. Once they are all gone, I'll pull out my phone and call for help!

"Get out." I say coldly.

"But we need to get your han-"


They all hesitate and after a few moments, head for the door. I sigh in relief once they are all out. I stand up and go to the window. I try to lift it, but it is nailed shut. I wonder if they have had this happen before? No. They usually kill all of their other visitors. I pull my phone out of my pocket and unlock it. With my iPhone in hand, I go through my contacts and call my mom to tell her where I am. It is difficult to think straight, my neck just stopped bleeding.

I find my moms name and touch the contact. I press call and right as I am putting it to my face, Zayn appears in front of me. He takes my phone from my hand and snaps it clean in half, drops it to the ground, and crushes it with his foot. He grabs my upper arms and squeezes them. It almost feels like they are going to break any second.

"You can't be serious. Calling someone for help? Even if you did call someone, who do you think the police would believe. A silly teenager or a world famous boy band." He lowers his head to my neck.

"LIAM!" I scream. I don't know why I called him. Probably because he showed earlier and he still cared. I can hear a faint cracking sound as he tightens his grip. I let out a scream as Liam walks in.

"Ye- ZAYN! Get off of her!"Immediately, Zayn lets go and I climb off of the bed back over to the corner I was in.

"I was just having a little fun. She had her phone out. I thought it would be more entertaining if I messed around." I couldn't tell if he had a smirk or an innocent look on his face.

"By signaling to her that you want to do what Harry did not too long ago?! We already killed her friend!" Liam says.

"Wait, what do you mean by 'we'?" I ask. I look back at Liam and he has the look on his face that states he has said too much. "Liam, what do you mean?" I ask a little more desperately.

"Can we talk about this later?" he asks, trying to smile.

I nod in agreement. Not thinking I can take much more of this, I ball up and try to fight my emotions.

"Do you need anything?" Liam asks.

"Yes. You two get out." I reply.

Zayn shrugs and walks out. Liam sighs and walks closer to me. He bends down to meet me at eye level.

"I'm so sorry Katie. I really am. I promise you can ask questions later." Liam says.

I don't respond. I just turn my head and squeeze my eyes shut. "Just- just leave," I manage to say.

Not even a second after I say that, I open my eyes and he is gone. The door just clicked shut. What the hell? How did he- wait. do they really have powers? No. He probably just hurried. All of that stuff is fake.

I look back over at the bed. I will never be able to sleep in it again after what I saw.


I didn't realise that I fell asleep. I look over at the clock and see that it is 7:30 at night. I am scared shirtless when I realise there is a person- thing- sitting next to me.

"Well, look who decides to wake up!"

"HARRY! WHAT THE HELL. GET AWAY FROM ME!" I slide up the wall and try to make a run for it. Before I can get anywhere, he grabs my arm and tries to pull me back down and ends up dislocating my shoulder. I let out a painful scream. The scream scares him so he loosens up on my arm and I am able to wiggle out of his grasp and run for the door. It is open so it will be an easy get away. As I am about to exit the room, I run into someone, Louis, and hold on to him, not wanting to let go.

"Shhh, calm down. What happened?" Louis asks.

"Harry- in there! My shoulder and arms hurt so bad! Help me!" I say, almost begging.

"Shhh, It's okay. Come on, let's sit you down in the living room." I nod, willing to do almost anything to get the pain to stop.

Louis guides me over to a large sofa and sits me down. I look around to see all of the other boys sitting around the room. All except for Harry.

"Okay," Louis says, "Explain to us a little slower as to what happened."

I nod my head and try to clear my throat. "I- I was in there sleeping. I woke up and found Harry sitting next to me. I got scared so I got up and tried to run out of the room. He grabbed my arm and yanked me back down, or tried. He dislocated my shoulder and it hurts soo bad! Please get me help," I ask.

"Wait, I heard you say something about your arms hurting?" Liam says.

"Yeah." I grab a spot on my arm. I glare at Zayn. "He grabbed my arms when he was 'having some fun' and cracked my upper left arm."

"Wait. What are you talking about?" Louis asks.

Liam sighs and explains what all happened with Zayn and the phone. The whole time, Louis' eyes are locked on Zayn. It looks like he is about to kill him.

"Katie, lift up your sleeves." Liam says.

I do as i am told and I am surprised to what i find. 2 hand shaped bruises around my upper arm. I look back up at Liam, and I see pain and sorrow in his eyes.

"Katie, I'm so so-" Zayn starts.

"Shut the fuck up! How could you do this?!" Louis exclaims.

"Lou, calm down. Zayn, you should be ashamed of yourself. I mean, she hasn't even been here a full 2 days and you guys already hurt her!" Liam says.

He looks back at me and then hangs his head down.

"HARRY, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE! NOW!" Louis yells, making me jump. "Sorry love, didn't mean to Scare you."

I suddenly realise that the only open seat is the one next to me on the couch. Shit. Harry can't sit next to me.

"Liam?" I ask.


"Can you... Come sit by me? I'm too afraid of Harry."

Without hesitation, he nods and gets up to come to me. He carefully sits next to me, but keeping distance. I really despise all five of them for this, but Liam seems most understanding. I see Harry walk into the room and ball up, bringing my knees to my chest and hugging my legs.

"Katie," Liam says as he puts his hand on my knee making me jump. "Its okay. We won't let him touch you." I realise that i am starting to shake having to see the one that almost ended my life and killed my best friend.

Harry takes his seat on the other side of the room.

"Katie, I'm sorry! I really didn't mea-" Harry starts.

"Harry, shut it." Liam says glaring at him. "We need to try harder on making Katie feel more comfortable around us. So far, all we have been able to do is scare the living shit out of her and physically hurt her. I don't care how hungry you are. Do not touch her. Harry."

He nods and so do the others. I have just realised that Niall is not in the room.

"Where is Niall?" I ask.

"He is getting rid of the body." Harry answers back.

"Oh." Is all I can say. I'm trying so hard not to think of Sam, but its so hard. I just feel so... alone. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to get the image of her out of my head.

"Katie?" Liam starts. "You need to actually get some sleep. You're probably stressed from all- this... Where would you prefer to sleep? With Louis or Harry." Liam says that last part slowly. My eyes widen at the thought of having to sleep in the same room as Harry.

"I- I wanna go home." I say.

"Katie, you can't. I'm sorry."

"What? Why not?" I ask.

"I will answer your question later. Just, not right now. Okay?" Liam says.

I sigh and think about my choices. It takes me a while to answer.

"The couch." Is all I say. Liam nods his head and gets up and goes to whisper something in Harry's ear.

Harry looks at me and quickly looms away.

"Night Katie," Liam says.

"Wait, where are you going?" I ask starting to panic. I don't want to be left in a house with Harry. "Are you all leaving?"

"Haha, no. Just Zayn and I. Niall is already back at our place so we are going to meet him there. Don't worry. Lou will be here too."

I feel a good bit better not having to be alone with Harry. Zayn is about to walk out of the house but stops and turns to me.

"I'm really sorry about this Katie. I want to fix it. I'll give you as much time as you need. I just don't want tension between us."

I nod my head and he turns and leaves. I hear the door click shut and my gaze immediately goes to Louis, not wanting him to leave until Harry does. He does a small smile.

Harry announces, "I'm going to bed." That is all he said. No goodnights or anything. I look over to Louis and he just shrugs. But I can see that he knows what is going on. I'll get to the bottom of that later.

"Do you want company, or are you tired?" Louis asks.

"I kinda want to go to sleep." I say. He nods and gets up and goes off to another room of the house.

I grab a pillow and rest my head on it. I am still a little woozy from what happened earlier. I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

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