Falling In Love

When Katie and Sam find out about One Direction's big secret, how will they react? How will the boy's react? What will the boys decide to do with the girls? Will they turn them or keep them human?

Katie and Sam just got out of school for the weekend and hear strange noises coming from a flat they walk by. The decide to go in and see what is going on. They find 5 very familiar looking boys with something all on their faces. When the boys notice Sam and Katie, at first, they decide to leave them alone. But there is a twist. Will one of them find love? Or will it be the exact opposite?


5. The Explination

I wake up to find myself under the covers and look over to see Louis on his phone, reading. 

"Morning," He says, not looking away from his phone. 

I mumble something and brush the hair out of my face. I rub my eyes, trying to make them focus a little bit more. I notice the tv is still on the same channel and everything. 

"Hey Lou?" I ask. WAIT. Did I just say Lou?


"Um, how long have you been awake?" I ask.

"All night."

I kinda get worried that he was awake all night and I was sleeping next to him. A vampire who wants my blood. But it's Louis Tomlinson! AHHH! My One Direction Fan Girl senses are getting to me. I need to control that. They Cannot see that side of me.

"Why do you ask?" Louis asks.

"Um, no reason. Aren't you tired?"


"What?" I ask. "How are you not tired?"

Louis sighs. "I will answer that in time."

"Why isn't anyone telling me anything I want to know?" I ask, trying to sound like I am going to cry. 

He sighs again and says, "Liam? Can we go ahead and let her know? I mean, it's not like she will be able to tell anyone." There was a slight pause. "Okay. Where? Living room?" And another pause. "Okay. I will get her ready. Can you tell Harry to get over here? Sam, I need you to come out too. Do you think you can control yourself?" 

Louis nods and looks at me. 

"Come on. Do you need to get yourself fixed up or are you okay? We are just going in the living room." 

"I think I'm okay." I say, still with my sleepy voice. 

We walk out into the livingroom and I take a seat next to Louis. At this point, I am extreamly confused as to what is about to go on. Someone is opening the door and I see it is Harry as he walks in. Un-knowingly, I scoot as close as I can to Louis and he rubs my back trying to keep me calm. I will never be right around him. 

"Guys, I'm here!" Harry yells.

"Harry, you don't have to yell. She has already seen that trick." Liam says, walking in the room with Sam.

Niall and Zayn are following behind. Zayn is still basically sleeping and his hair is a wreck. I giggle at the sight. Louis looks at me like I am crazy. I just burst out laughing. They all look at me funny but Liam looks at to where my line of sight is and starts to laugh along with me.

"KATIE! SHUT IT! If you want answers, be quiet!" Harry says harshly. 

I imediately stop laughing and start to feel tears springing to my eyes. I started to cry. Harry's voice when he is angry scares the hell out of me. I bury myself in Louis' shirt and just finally let it all out. I cry the most I have in months. I look up to see Louis staring at Harry and it looks like he is burning a hole through his head. Harry is hanging his head low, knowing what he has just done yet again. He upset me, scared me, and everything inbetween. 

I can hear Niall and Liam yelling at Harry for what he has done. Aparently they all just wanted to sit down and answer the questions I have. Something I accually want to do, but not as much anymore if I am going to get yelled at by Angry Styles over there. 

I am now sobbing as I am missing my family, am deathly scared of Harry at this point, and just because of all the emotion that has been building up inside of me. 

"Shhhh, Katie. Shhhh, your okay. I got you." Louis says, trying to comfort me.

I have realised I can feel safe in his arms. Not all the time, but most of the time. He stays when I ask him to, he helps me if I'm hurt. I know he can't control himself around blood. But when it comes to me, he can. Barely, but he does. 

"I just don't want to be near him," I say to Louis through sobs, pointing to Harry.

Louis sighs and says, "I know. He is having a few problems right now. I know it isn't nice, but he is really trying to be friends with you."

"By telling me to shut it?" I ask, still crying. "I don't think so," I say looking at him.

I go back to crying into Louis' shirt. He rubbs my back and strokes my hair. after about five minutes of off and on crying, I finnally calm down. I look up and see Zayn, Niall, Liam, Sam, and Harry kind of awkwardly sitting around the room.

I feel realy awkward and I feel my face go hot. I sit up, and put a little bit of space between Louis and I. I clear my throat and look at my feet. 

"So, Katie. As you have probably already figured out, we decided it is time for us to answer all of your questions." Liam says. 

I nod my head and look at Louis. "You can ask anything that is on your mind about anything. There are only a few things we can't answer but we will try our best to answer the rest," Louis says with a smile. I send a little smile back at him. 

I sigh and look up at Liam. Then at Louis. "What is that thing where you were talking to yourself and it sounded like you were on the phone but there is no phone?" I ask. 

"Well, we have super-hearing. But we can talk to eachother even if we are on different sides of the planet and still be able to hear eachother." Liam responds.

I nod my head. "How come when there is blood, Niall is the best with it and acts like it is no big deal?" I ask, looking at Niall. "And then Liam looks at me like he is about to pounce on me." Liam blushes a little bit.

"Niall has been a- vampire- the longest out of all of us. He has been around blood longest and can control himself in most cases." Zayn says. "Liam, on the other hand, has an extreamly strong sense of smell. It buggs him the most when we smell blood."

"What about Harry?" I ask. "Why does he constantly want my blood?"

"Harry has not found a way to control himself yet. He was the newest out of us." Louis says.

"Now it's Sam?" I ask. 

Niall nods. "She has already eaten. Don't worry. She won't touch you. We are keeping a strict watch on her." Liam nudges him. 

I now feel extreamly uncomfrotable. I scoot a little bit closer to Louis. "Okay. Do any of you have any powers?"

Louis giggles beside me.

"What?" I ask.

"Haha, nothing." Louis says smiling. "Well, to start off, we all have the ability to run at light speed. Literally. Liam here, he can out run all of us. He is the fastest. He also has the strongest sense of smell."

"Is that it?" I ask. 

"No," Niall says. "We all have the ability to talk to people telopathicaly. It's not reading eachothers minds though. Like if I wanted to say something to you, I could without speaking. You wouldn't be able to say anything back though. Sam, try saying something to Katie."

Next thing I know, Sam's voice is in my head. Hi. Hi is all she said. I would probably not know what else to say. 

"Wow," I say. "What about you Zayn. Do you have anything special?"

"Sadly, no. I didn't get anything special." Zayn says quietly. 

"What about- Harry." I say quietly.

"Yeah. He can see the farthest. up to 10 miles away."Liam says.

"Is that how you guys found me that night when I was at the Payphone?" I ask.

"Mmhmm. It only took him a couple of seconds to find you."

That statement made me feel a little exposed. "And what about you?" I ask Louis. "No I didn't forget about you." I say teasingly.

He chuckled. "I am the strongest out of us. I can also hear the best."

I smile at him. "How old are you all?"

"Niall is 422 human years. 4 'vampire' years. Liam, 200. Zayn, 170. Harry, 45. And Sam, 0." Louis answers.

"What about you Louis?" I ask.

"398." He replies.

"Wow." Is all I say. I move on to the next question. "Why me?"

"What do you mean?" Louis asks. 

"Why am I still- Human? You turned Sam, but not me." I ask.

"Sam wasn't supposed to be turned. Us four left and Harry stayed. We didn't know until we heard your screaming. We had to run back. By the time we had got there, he had already turned Sam."

"Oh." I didn't exactly know how to respond to that answer. "Louis, why did you stay up all night?" I ask.

"We don't need to sleep. We can sleep, but it is an option. We can function at our full potential if we haven't slept our whole life." Louis responds. 

"So what were you doing while I was sleeping?" I ask him.

Harry chuckles in the corner. It makes me jump and I grab onto Louis. He sends Harry a glare before answering.

"Reading, watching TV, talking to the others, and watching you."

"Why were you watching me?" I ask.

"I just can't leave you with out protection." Louis says. 

Harry laughs for a second but quickly stops. 

"Harry." Louis says sternly.

Harry rolls his eyes.

I decide to move on to the next question. "So, you all know that 'dark thing' that keeps comming when none of you are here?" They all nod. "What is it?"

"Liam?" Niall says.

Liam sighs. "The thing you saw is one of the members of the council. It is kind of like a- president and vice president. Secritaries and all of that. So basically, they want you either killed or turned."

I freeze like deer and headlights. I can tell I went pale and my eyes widen. I can not believe this. I am going to either have to be killed or turned into a vampire. I feel the tears rushing towards my eyes. I now know what lies ahead in my life. Or what is left of it. 

I go blank. Nothing registers. I can hear things but it doesn't fully register. I can feel Louis shaking me and yelling my name. The other boys, except Harry, are all gathered arround, not knowing what to do. I can feel darkness slowly taking me over. All I know that happened next is I pass out.


I wake up and I am back in the room I slept in before. I feel a hand grab my arm and I scream, "DON'T HURT ME!"

Apparently I screamed so loud, I made Niall go partially deaf in the other room. 


"Katie, It's okay. I won't hurt you!" He looks at me, extreamly frightened. 

I reach out and wrap my arms arround his torso, and I think I caught him off guard because he was extreamly hesatant to make a move. It took him a second, but he wraped his arms around me, and puts his chin ontop of my head. I bury my face in his chest, not ever wanting to let go.

"I don't want to die." I say, starting to cry.

All of what happened just a few hours ago all came flooding back. The only way out of my life is by the blood being drained outta me.

"I know. And I will keep it from happening for as long as possible. I don't want this to happen to you. It wasn't supposed to happen so early. We weren't expecting this for a couple more months." Louis says.

I pull away just enough to see his face. "What are you talking about?"

He sighs. "Well, you see, when you have a human in the presence of a vampire for more than a day, you are expected to have a plan for them and if you don't the members of the council will come and find you and either decide to turn you or kill you themselfs. Then they own you and you have to leave with them."

I bury myself back where I was and say, "Please don't let them take me, I don't want to be with them."

"I won't Katie. I won't. I promise." Louis says. "But we need to do something that will make you safer. And also," Louis face goes red, "I kinda want to do this."

"What is it?" I ask.

"Katie, Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. 

I am shocked, but happy at the same time. I don't know why, but I feel like I have been waiting for him to ask me this. 

I look him in the eyes and say with a smile, "Yes, of corse I will!"

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