Falling In Love

When Katie and Sam find out about One Direction's big secret, how will they react? How will the boy's react? What will the boys decide to do with the girls? Will they turn them or keep them human?

Katie and Sam just got out of school for the weekend and hear strange noises coming from a flat they walk by. The decide to go in and see what is going on. They find 5 very familiar looking boys with something all on their faces. When the boys notice Sam and Katie, at first, they decide to leave them alone. But there is a twist. Will one of them find love? Or will it be the exact opposite?


4. The Dark Shadow

Katie POV

I wake up in the middle of the night from hearing a noise comming from across the room. I look over to where it came from, but nothing is there. Weird. I lay my head down and not a second later, I hear the noise. It sounds like someone is in what I think is the kitchen. I get up and make my way to the kitchen, still half asleep. I push open the door, and it is pitch black. I reach across the wall next to me and find a light switch. I flip it up and the lights turn on. Nothing. I walk into the room and go to the fridge to see if they have anything to eat. Nothing. Well, nothing that I would eat. They have plenty of 'people' food.

I hear a loud noise comming back from the livingroom and jump. I walk over to a thing holding large cooking knives and I grab the biggest one. Its probably twice the size of my hand. I get ready to walk out of the kitchen and take a big breath. I push the door open and there is no one. I shake my head and walk back over to my bed. I think I am just paranoid by being in a house with Harry, who kinda wants to kill me. I look at the couch and notice something missing. My pillow. It's gone. Where wou-

"Hi there," a dark-sounding voice says.

I scream and accidentally make a huge cut down my arm. "OUCH!!!" I scream as I look down at it. I look back up and the dark figure is gone. 

I see blood streaming down the side of my arm and I drop the knife. Tears start forming at the edge of my eyes from the pain. 

"Katie, KATIE! Where are you?!" Louis is asking, paniking. 

He walks into the room and sees, and probably smells, all of the blood on the floor. He hesitates, taking a deep breath and squeesing his eyes shut. He breaths out from his mouth and, very slowly, walks toward me. 

"I'm so sorry Louis," I say, holding my arm. "Please help, it really hurts," I exclaim. 

He hesitates before saying, "C- can I touch you?"

I nod my head, and he slowly lowers himself to eyelevel and reaches hand out to look at my arm.

"Katie, what the hell happened?" He asked.

"There was a-"

"Louis." a deep voice says, "Get her out. NOW."

I turn arround and see Harry standing there and his eyes are a deep red. I grab Louis' torso,with my good arm, and hold on to him, not because of what Harry said, but because It looks like he is about to kill me.

"Hold on tight," He says. I don't have time to react before he picks me up and runs for the door. The thing that freaked me out the most was that I literally blinked and we were probably 2 or 3 miles away from Louis' flat and we were walking up what I am guessing Niall's and Liam's stairs to the flat. Louis kicks the door repeatedly screaming, "OPEN UP!" about five seconds later, Liam comes to the door and Louis runs inside with me in his arms. 

"What the hell?!" Liam says. "Lou, what is going on?"

He sets me down on the chair and pulls out his phone. 

"Hello? Yes, It is. I'm at Liam's place. Hurry!" Louis is on the phone with someone but I'm not sure who. "I just called the doctor. He said he will be here in five minutes."

I look over to Liam who is staring at me, not moving. I know exactly what he is doing. He is holding back the urge to kill me. It's such a lovely feeling. Louis walks over to Liam and puts his hand on his shoulder. 

"Do you need to leave Liam?" he asks.

"No. I- I think I will be fine." Liam responds. 

Louis takes a deep breath and walks into a room in the back. I can make out what they are saying. 

"Is she still asleep?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, she will be for atleast another 24 hours." An irish voice says. It has to be Niall.

"Okay. Well, I know you can smell the... blood... in the house. Its Katie. She cut your arm."

"I could smell it when the door opened. It was kind of obvious it was her."

"Well, let me warn you now. Give her plenty of space and move slowly or she will get too scared." Louis says. "Harry has already scared the shit out of her and she will barely talk to amy of us. Just don't rush into things. She has never seen you before and that could make it worse."

I look over and see Liam a little more calm. He is still staring at me, but i can tell he is not as tense. I force a smile at him and he does it back, but it looked like... I don't even know what... a constapated face maybe.

I hear a door squeak open and hear footsteps come closer. I bring my knees up chest and put my heels on the edge of the chair.  I'm not sure what to expect. I don't know if it will be another Harry, or more like Louis and Liam. 

"Katie, this is Niall."  Louis says.

I just sit there, not moving hopeing that would lessen the effect of him wanting to drink the remaining blood im my body. I'm already dizzy enough from the blood leaking out of my arm. 

"Katie, he won't hu- do anything. He is the best around... blood." 

He looks at my arm and his eyes widen. "How long has it been bleeding?" He asks worried.

"Ten minutes maybe." I reply. 

"What?!" He remarks, almost sprinting towards me. I hide myself in the chair and let out a little whimper. I can't let them get to close. I don't want 'that' to happen again. 

"NIALL! I told you NOT to do that!" Louis says. 

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't mean to-" Niall starts.

"It- its okay. Just, back up some." I say.

He nods and does as I say. Next thing I know, there is a random man walking in the flat with a case at his side. He sets it down on the table next to me and puts on some gloves. I am guessing this is the doctor. I look to Louis for some comfort, but he has turned to the same state that Liam has been in. Great. Now I am alone with a random person I don't know, and Niall who I just met.

"So," The doctor says, "How did this happen?" He asks slowly extending my arm. 

"I had a knife in my hand and something scared me and it kind of slid down my arm." I reply.

"Hmmm. Well, you lost a good bit of your blood, but you should still be okay. The cut isn't that deep." 

I hear someone sigh on the other side of the room and Louis is now smiling, but still not looking at me. 

"OUCH!" I yell.

"Sorry, I shoudl have warned you. Im stitching up your arm now."

I see hatred in Louis face after I screamed. Why? I don't know.


A few minutes later, the doctor is packing up and leaving the flat. Liam is finally out of his phase and can talk now. 

"Sorry about earlier," he says.

I just nod and try to smile. Am I ever going to get a full nights rest around here? ugh. I get up from my chair, just to fall again. Louis runs over and catches me right before I hit the ground. 

"Apparently you need rest. You can't even stand," He says helping me back up. 

"But I don't have anywhere to sleep here,"  I say. "And my clothes are ruined and I have none here. They are all at- home." My face goes blank as I think back to my mom and dad. What must they be thinking? I want to tell them so bad where I am and what is happening. I sit back down in the chair and cry. Just thinking of my mom and dad hurts me so much. 

"Hey, shhh... It will be okay," Louis says, squating next to me.

"Okay? NOTHING IS OKAY! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!" I scream. It is meant for all of them and they all know it. I get up and walk out of the house. I have no idea where I am or where I am going to go. All I do know is that I want to go home. I see a gas station off in the distance and gas stations usually have pay phones. i have three dollars in quarters. It should be just enough for me to call home and tell me where I am. I am going to try and make a run for it. 

I am running to the station and make it to the phone. Quickly, I reach in my pocket and pull out the coins. I have enough for 2 calls. I put in $1.50 and diall my mom's cell. She answers on the second ring. 


"Hi, mom! It's me, Katie."

"Oh My god! Honey, where are you? Are you Oka-"

The line went dead. I look behind me and see Niall. 

"What the fuck! I was finaly able to call my parents!"

He picks me up and starts running away.

"No, Stop! Please! I won't do it again! Just please don't hurt me!" I beg. 

I open my eyes, and I am sitting down on the couch in the room I was just in. 

"What do you mean don- ooh. Harry. I'm sorry, I didn't think it would look like that." He says, frowning. 

"Damnit Niall, stop scaring her!" Louis says. 

"IM SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" He says back a little louder. 

Louis walks over to me and hands me a pair of sweats and a large tshirt. 

"Those are mine. Hope you don't mind too much, but you shouldn't walk arround with blood stains."

"Yeah. Well your friend Styles caused this big stain here," I say pointing to the colar of my shirt. 

He sighs. "The bathroom is down the hall and your first left. Go change and do your lady busineuss. Niall, Liam, and I are going off to bed. I am the bedroom at the end of the hall if you need something." I nod and he walks off. I get up and head to the bathroom, bringing the clothes along with me. I decide to take a shower. I let the water warm up before getting in. Once in, I quickly rinse all of the dry blood off of my sholder, while being careful of my arm and neck. I get out and put on the clothes. I look arround to see if there is an extra tooth brush. nope.

"No tooth brush. Great." I say to myself.

"It's under the sink on the left," Niall yells out, making me jump. Can he really hear me this far away?

I put the clothes on and walk out of the bathroom into the livingroom to find a large duvet and a pillow on the couch. I walk over to it and get myself situated for some sleep. It is now 3:50 and just 2 hours ago, I was confronted by that shadowy figure. I must have just been parinoid. I close my eyes and try to sleep again. 


I am woke up by a rather loud convorsation going on behind me. 

"She is awake now. Is it safe to bring her out?"

"I- I don't know. I don't know if this would be a good idea."

"Come on, she will stand behind you and her, me."

"Alright, but Liam needs to be next to me as well. "

I decide to see what they are talking about. "What are y'all talking about?" I ask.

"Katie," Louis starts, "We have something to show you. I don''t know if you will like it or not, but we aren't going to keep it from you."

I must look very confused because Louis is laughing. 

"Liam, can you come in here?" Louis asks. Next thing I know, they are standing side by side. "Katie, I need you to stand behind Liam and I. Please, don't ask any questions."

I hesitate, but do as I am told. I don't want anything bad to happen if I decide not to listen. I see Niall walking out of the hallway, slowly, with someone, or something, behind his back. He stops walking and whispers to the girl behind his back.

"C'mon. You promised you wouldn't hurt her." Niall says. I am already scared as to what is going on. The figure steps out from behind Niall's back. No, it can't be. I thought they killed her!

I gasp under my breath, "Sam."


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