Falling In Love

When Katie and Sam find out about One Direction's big secret, how will they react? How will the boy's react? What will the boys decide to do with the girls? Will they turn them or keep them human?

Katie and Sam just got out of school for the weekend and hear strange noises coming from a flat they walk by. The decide to go in and see what is going on. They find 5 very familiar looking boys with something all on their faces. When the boys notice Sam and Katie, at first, they decide to leave them alone. But there is a twist. Will one of them find love? Or will it be the exact opposite?


1. Before You Read

Please note that this story is copyrighted and posting my story is not only rude, but is illegal. Do not do it. I will be glad to take any comments. If they are personal, please DM me and I will answer them there. DO NOT premote your story on my comments. It is rude, and there are other places for that. If you have any questions about doing so, please message me and I will be glad to answer. If you have any questions about the story, post them in the comments and I will answer. Any rude, or dirty comments WILL be removed and flagged if necessary. Please, do not message me any rude comments, for this is only fictional and is not happening in real life. Please respect all property of mine and others and happy reading!

 If there are any questions or conserns, I will be glad to answer them!

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