Love Doesn't Come Easy....

This story is about a girl named Leanna Jackson ,but people call her Lea for short lives in Australia with her family that she hates with everything she has in her. Her friends are the Janoskians, a boy names Marco and a girl named Hannah and others later on. She gets bullied in school because of her ex boyfriend. All she has is her diary and Marco and Hannah and Beau, but one day she finds something out that could change her life on to find out





At the house we get out and walk into the house i go over and lay down on the couch with harry behide me

"what's the matter "harry asked playing with my hair

"i don't know "is all i said .

"lea what's matter ?"he asked agan and stop playing wiht my hair

"these feel weird i'm scared of somthing happing agan i... it's just the last relationship i had didn't go so well and i have a feeling this one isn't going to turn good either i'm just not ready to have another relationship just after the first one was worse "i told him siting up and puting my feet back down on the floor and playing with my finger's .

"lea look at me please "he asked i did "lea you know that i won't do that to you never i don't treat girls like that i'll take it slow for you if you want i won't rush you leanna i don't want to lose you i want to be together with you share moment's with you i don't want liam to go mad crazy for hurting you and i won't but lea i won't hurt you like he did "he told me .i smiled at him and kissed him.

"thank you harry for saying that i really really needed that "i told him letting go of the hug .

"your welcome ,now you need to get ready it's four and we have to leave at five now shew shew "he said i got and walked to my room and seen somthing that i shouldn't of seen hannah and louis makeing out in my room but it was hannah to but it was still mine i screamed "AHHHHHHH MY PRETTY LITTLE EYE'S "i shouted and closed my eye's harry was up there in no time "what what's going ?"he asked i pointed were hannah and lou were at he looked at them and then burst out laughing and so did i"hannah lou please we don't need little lou and hannah's running around here "i told them and they blushed "okay now lou can you leave me and hannah have to get me ready for my date with harry tonight "i told him he nodded and walked out closeing the door on his way.

"okay now sense you and lou wasted time i have to get ready now "i told her she just rolled her eyes at me i just smirked at her and walked over to the seat and sat down so that hannah could began doing what she does best "okay your done go look at your self"she said i did and walked over to the mirrior my mouth hit the floor i guake at my self "hannah i looke great thank you for doing this "i said hugging her she smiled and hugged back (this is what i looke like )

the hair that hannah done for the date

the makeup that hannah done

the makeup that hannah did

i walk down stair's to mee the rest of the boy's they turn there head there eye's pop out and there mouth's drop to the floor "guy's that my girlfriend your staring at "harry said walkign up to me and puting his arm around my waist and kissing my lips "you look beautiful tonight "he said i smiled "thank you ,you dont' look bad your self "i told him i walk over to grab my coat and purse "ready to go ?"he asked i nodded "bye guy's "harry said "be safe "liam said "USE PROTECTION "lou said i blushed and liam smacked him in the head i giggle and walked to the car we got in i buckled up so did harry he started the car and drove off."i can't belive lou said that "harry said shaking his head "no it was funny besides i'm waitng for the right time to "i told him he looked at me thenback at the road "oh "he said


harry get's out an comes over to my door and open's it up i thank him and we walk in side  there "styles "harry said he nodded and walked us to our table which was outside we sat down the aiter gave us our menu's "what would you like to drink "the waiter asked "i would like a water please "i asked he wrote it down "what would you like "he asked harry "i would like some wine and can you bring out a bottle "he asked he nodded and walked "harry this is beautiful place "i told him looking around the place "your welcome i took you here to say sorry for what i did to you "he said "harry i wasn't mad i was hurt because that's what happen with my last boyfriend he done the same thing "i told him the waiter cam back with our drinks and the wine bottle "thank you "i said he nodded and walked away . i grab my glass drank some of it putting it back down ."so harry, now that i'm done with high school i'm going to collage .i wa thinking of going to london an studying there "i say ."that's great but we won't see each other everyday"he say's "harry i'm not staying at the collage im just going there to study "i told him "oh "he said i nodded ."here's your food enjoy "the waiter said coming with our foods an leaving.i began to eat my food so did harry .


after dinner .

we get donw with dinner harry went to pay for the food .he comes back holdingout his hand i gladly take it i grab my purse .we walk out an walk over to the car .harry opens the door for me i get in he shut's the door walking over to the driving seat . he starts the car driving off to the house .

"thanks again for t'night harry i loved it "i told him looking over at him .

"your welcome "he say's looking back on the road"i'm glad you liked it ".


*at the house *


"guy's we're back "i say walkinginn takingmy coat an purse down on the table by the door.

"how was the date?"hannah an lou asked walking in from the kitchen.

"it's was beautiful i loved it "i said plopping down on the couch harry an them walk over plopping down next to me .

"i'm going to hit the hay guy's it's been along day"i say getting "g'night "i say kissing harry walking up the stair's,walking in my room shutting the door be hide me. walking over to my closet undressing changing into my pj's getting into bed.once my head hit the pillow i was out .










~well ,guy's it's been so long sense i updated an i'm sorry i've been up in the hospital an couldn't updated an writing other story's



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