Love Doesn't Come Easy....

This story is about a girl named Leanna Jackson ,but people call her Lea for short lives in Australia with her family that she hates with everything she has in her. Her friends are the Janoskians, a boy names Marco and a girl named Hannah and others later on. She gets bullied in school because of her ex boyfriend. All she has is her diary and Marco and Hannah and Beau, but one day she finds something out that could change her life on to find out





 i park in the drive way and get out and grab my stuff and walk and grab my key's to unlock the door i walk in the house with hannah behide me .i set everthing down and take my shoes off so does hannah we walk into the kitchen to see the guy's i take a seat and grab an apple .


"hey leanna .hannah how was dance class?"liam asked coming over and kissing my forhead and hugging me .

"great but i guess i'm not your sister one girl said "i told him rolling my eye's

"why's that ?"he asked

"she said that i was a liar and that i wanted to fit in with the girls "i told him throwing my cord away and sitting back down

"haha that's not you at all"he said laughing

"yea where's harry i didn't see him ?"i asked him

"i think he's in the living room "he said .i node and walk into the living room to see harry sucking on a girls face .i stand there frozen and shocked .

"h-harry is t-that y-you "i asked him stuttering at my words

"leanna it's not what it looks like "he said standing up and walking to where i was at .i took a step back away from him

"save it harry go back to your slut "i said running to my room and slaming the door and laying on my bed crying .

"leanna open up "liam asked

"no go away liam"i said

"no open up now leanna "he said .i get up and unlock the door leting liam in

"what happen ?"he asked

"i found harry sucking on another girl face "i said sobbing on to liam shoulder

"shh lea it's okay i'll talk to him i'll have hannah come in here .okay?"he asked looking at me an wiping the tear's away

"o-okay "i said stuttering and sobbing at the same time.

"okay i'll be back "he said getting up and walking out the door


 Liam p.o.v

"hey leanna hannah .how was dance class"i asked her walking over to her and kissing her forhead and hugging her and sitting down

"it was great but one girl aparently i'm not your sister "lea said rolling her blue eye's

"why's that ?"i asked her

"she said tht i was a liar and that i just said that because i want to fit in but i didn't listen to her it looked like the clown beat me to it "she said .and i started to laugh that i had tear's coming out of my eye's

"were's harry ?"lea asked

"he's in the living room "i said and she got up and walked out of the kitchen into the living area

"h-harry is t-that y-you "sounded like lea

"leanna it's not what it looks like "harry said .i wounder what it is

"save it harry go back to your slut "lea said and went to her room slaming the door on the way

"lea open up it's liam "i asked her

"no go away liam"she said .she sounding like she was crying

"no open up leanna now "i told her and she open up she had red puffy eye's and tear stain cheeks

"what happen lea?"i asked her hugging her and walking to her bed

"i found harry sucking a girl face in the living room "she said lookign down and whipering at the same time

"shh lea it's okay i'll talk to him ,i'll bring hannah in here .okay?"i told her wiping her tear's away

"o-okay "she said i got up and walked to find hannah and harry

"hannah i need you to go into lea's room .okay?"i asked her

"okay "she said walkign up the stair's to lea's room

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES GET YOUR FUCKING ASS HERE NOW "i said shouting i only cuss when i angry or someone in my family is hurt

"yea liam "he said walking in the kitchen

"WHAT THE F***K IS YOUR PROBLEM HARRY LEANNA IS UP THERE IN HER ROOM CRY "I said screaming at him now i'm really piss right now

"she walked in on me making out with a girl "he said ,i got up and threw a punch at him

"HOW COULD YOU HARRY ,LEANNA WANTED TO COME SEE YOU AND SHE FINDS YOU MAKING OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL "i said punching his face.louis and the other boys came in trying to get me off of harry

"LIAM STOP NOW GET OFF OF HARRY NOW !!"lou said grabbing me off of harry

"niall take harry and get him cleaned up zayn make sure leanna doesn't come down here "louis said to the other boy's

"what the hell was that liam "louis hissed at me

"leanna walked in on harry kissing another girl and leanna is crying up in her room "i told him puting ice on my hand's

"you didn't have to kill him liam "lou said

"yes i did he needed it louis he hurt my sister's heart "i told him

"okay ,stay here while i go check on harry can you do that with out killing somebody .okay?"he asked getting up

"yea louis okay "i told him and h e walked out to help harry

"LIAM WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR HAND "leanna said coming down and coming to me

"i punched harry "i mutterd

"you what ?"she asked clearly she didn't hear me

"i punched harry "i said a little louder

"liam you shouldn't of done that "she said

"yes i did he hurt you leanna "i told her

"i know liam but i could of taking care of that my self "she said

"no ,i'm your big brother and i need to take care of you "i said

"okay thanks li li for big the"she said hugging me an walking out




 leanna p.o.v

"LIAM WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR HAND"i said comin gover to liam with a red and bloody hand

"i punched harry "he mutterd

"what ?"i asked not hearing what he said

"i punched harry"he said a little louder

"liam you shouldn't of done that "i told him

"yes i did leanna he hurt you "he said

"i know liam but i could of taking care of it my self "i told him

"no,i'm your big brother and i need to take care of you "he said

"okay thanks li li for being the"i said hugging him and walking ou tof there

"niall how's harry ?"i asked him walking into the bathroom

"he has a busted lip and a black eye "he said

"liam done that to him ?"i asked him sitng down on the end of the tube

"yea but harry needed it harry was being and ares to everyone "he said sitting down next to me

"why's that ?"i asked him

"dunno after about a week it's like he went from being the sweet harry to the fucking punk "he told me .

"do you know why he's acting like that ?"i asked .i'll have to ask harry later if i want to face him .

"nobody know's what wrong with him it's like something inside of him snapped and the BAME he's a jackass"he said .i had to laugh at that

"what's so funny "he asked looking at me confusde

"when you said jackass "i told him laughing

"well he is "he infer me

"yea i'll go see how liam's hand is "i told him geting up and walking down stair's to see that the girl that harry was sucking faces was sittng on the couch looking at her nails ,i rolled my eye's at her she was fake bleched blonde she was orange .i just walked in the kitchen to see harry sitting there i didnt look at him i grab a water and walked out i only got 5 inches away from leaving the kitchen when i had a hand around my waist .

"lea can we talk ?"harry asked

"don't call me lea its leanna to you "i told him coldly

"leanna can we talk ?"he asked again

"nope "i said poping the p getting out of his grip and walking away .

"leanna please i'm sorry "he said grabbing my wrist i turn around to face him .

"just go back to your girlfriend "i said getting out of his grip and walking to my room and changing into my pj's i go and lay on my bed .my eye's start to drup and sleep takes over me i wake up to hearing yelling and crashing i get up and go see what it is .i walk down stair's to see harry throwing things and yelling i run over to him

"harry what the hell is going on?"i asked him

"i've been an ass to everybody for the past week i don't know what's going on with me "he said walking over and sitting down putting his head in his hand's

"harry look at me please."i asked him "harry i know what it's like i've been in your foot step's back home i wasn't thinking i was depressed all the time i didn't know what to do after about three mouth's i started to cut my parent's would hit me they didn't feed me all the time my boyfriend started to beat me everyday that i had to breake up with him and that just got worse i didn't know what to do so i just let him do what every he wanted to do to me i just blocked pu the harry now you know why i didnt want to talk to you i just didn't want nobody to know i don't want people to know about me and my life "i told him.i didn't cry because that would mean thati i'm weak an di din't want to .

"leanna i'm so sorry it's just a bad week for me i just wasn't thinking right "he said

"it's fine but i think your girlfriend is waitign in the living room "i enfer him

"she's not my girlfriend i done found a girl that i love "he said my heart sank he loved somebody else i shouldn't of told him i get up and leave the kitchen

"leanna wait hold up what's wrong ?"he asked

"nothing it's fine go check og your girl "i told him coldly walkign away

"hey leanna "liam said walking my room

"yea liam ?"i said

"i'm sorry you had to see what happen down there a few min's ago "he said looking down

"no liam i'm glad you done that he needed it"i told him walking over and hugging him

"but i thought you would be mad at me "he asked

"no,i'm not mad at you liam, harry needed it actually "i told him he looked at me shocked

" w-what "he said

"liam harry isn't the harry that i thought he would be he goes for chicks that look like fake ass bimbos he would never go for someone like me ,besides he has a girlfriend "i told him putting my hair into a bun .

"leanna he doesn't have a girlfriend he doesn't go for gilr like her he goes for someone like you sweet caring and loving he's not the harry we thought he was to but he's had a bad week "he told me .

"yea right liam harry would never go for someone like me i'm ugly-no your not your beautiful don't everthink that for one second that you are ugly which your not i would never go for someone like her i don't like girls like that my mum wouldn't like that she didn't rasie me to be a man whore i'm not like that at all leanna don't think i am "harry said walking in my room and coming over to me and lifting my chin up and looking into my light brown eye's

"harry we all know that you wouldn't go for girls like me they never to "i whisper the last part

"leanna look at me "harry said and i did as i was told.

"i don't like her i never did and i never will "he said and started to lean in ,what the hell was he doing ? my thoughts were intrupted by harry's lips on mine

"i'm just going to get out of here"liam said walking out

"like i said i don't like her i like someone else "he smirked and winked walking out i just stood there shocked frozen my eye's widen

"leanna what happen you look like youu seen a ghost "hannah said walking in

"umm i umm it's nothing "i said shaking it off

"leanna marie payne what is it "she said oh god she used my full name that mean's i'm piss oh great .

"harry kiss me an di think i liked it "i mutterd

"what was that ?"she asked

"harry kiss me and i think i liked it "i told her not to say it to loud or the boys' would hear

"ahh you like him don't you "she asked wiggling her eye brows

"no i don't he likes someone else"i told her geting into my bed

"yea and i like birds "she said rolling her eye's at me and getting into bed and under the cover's

"g'night lea"hannah said .

"g'night hannah "i said and then we both were a sleep .


Next Morining

"leanna wake up "someone said

"noooo "i said rolling over but they kept doing it

"no let's go it's your first day of school now get up "liam said i shot up fast

"w-what "i asked him

"it's your first day of school here get ready and come down stair's and eat "liam said getingup and walking to the door

"HANNAH WAKE UP WE'VE GOT SCHOOL "i shouted and she fell out of her bed and i fell over laughing

"haha very funny lea"she said rolling her eye's

"yea what ever i getting a shower "i told her grabing a towl and clothes that i was going to wear to school.i walk over to the shower and turn on the water and start to strip an step in and began to wash my body and hair with starberry.after that i turn the shower off and step put and wrap the towl aorund me and dry my hair and then began to get ready


after that i began to do my makeup


i start to put on my outfit

after i'm all ready i walk out of the bathroom turn off the light grab my bag and phone and key's i wait for hannah to get out she comes out looking like this

she always dyes her hair every mouth dont't aske me why she does it she just does but i love her to death

after she comes out ready to go she grabs her bag and phone and we are off to get breakfast we walk down stair's to see the boy's done at the kitchen we walk in there greeted by the boy's 'hello''s i grab me a plate and so does hannah we both grab the bacon and egg's we walk back and sit down and began to eat

"so are you excited about your first day ?"louis asked

"yea we are "we said

"great hurry up and eat so i can take you to school "liam said geting up and putting his plate in the sink after me we were done we grab our stuff and walked to the car and got in


"have a good day "liam said to us

"bye "we said and they drove off i close my eye's and brealth in and we began to walk inside the school house to the front office to get our shedule

"hi we need our shedule "hannah asked the lady

"names please "she asked

"hannah leanna payne "she said

"ah here you are havea great day girls "she said we said our goodbye' and wento our locker's

"let's hope this year isn't bad "i said puting my stuff in my locker and brabing my first class

"HEY HANNAH LEANNA "i turned around to see ryan walking over here

"hey ryan yuo go here?"i asked her

"yep and do yuo to "she asked

"yep our first day "hannah said shuting her locker

"great we have the same classes together "she said lookign at our list

"great "we said

ring ring

"well let's get to our first clas ,shall we "ryan said

"yep we shall "i said and we were off toour first class

"okay class we have new student's why dont'e you interdues your self girl's" the teacher asked us

"okay i'm leanna payne as you can see i'm here i moved from austrialla i love the colors blue and green i love to dance and sing so thats about it for me "i told them

"hi i'm hannah payne just like leanna i moved here from austrilla i love the color's blue and purple i love to dance and draw thats' about it for "hannah said

"okay girls you can take a seat next to ryan "she said we nodded and took our seat's



"well if it isn't the famous leanna payne "i turned around to see ashley i rolled my eye's at her and her little slut team 

"what do you want ashley ?"i asked her geting my next class and shuting my locker

"i run this school don't piss me off or i'll make your life a living hell got that "she barked in my face

"yea whatever i couldn't hear you because of the fakeness "i told her walking away with hannah ryan.

"I'LL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL LEANNA PAYNE "ashley screamed it sounded likea dead mouse .i didn't listen and walked to my next class



"let's go to lunch "ryan asked we were at our locker's putin gour books in there and walking away from the locker's

"yea i'm starving "hannah said we walked to the lunch room we grabed our food and went o a table and began to eat

"hey i'm sarah greene "a girl with blonde hair and blue eye's

"hi i'm leanna and this is hannah and ryan "i told her pointing to the girls

"hey 'they said and waved

"so your the girl that evryone is talking about"sarah said i lookea ther confused

"what ?"i asked her

"every was talking abu twhat you did to ashley nobody stands up to her "she said

"well "i said



"hey sarah what class's are you in ?"i asked her

"um history drama scince math and writtng "she said

"what about you "she asked me

"the same thing "i told her

"great "she said


"bye sarah ryan "me and hannah wave to the girls and walk to the liam and the rest of the boys

"hi girls how was school "liam asked driving back to the house

"great did you make new friends "niall asked

"yea ryan and sarah "i said

"tha's great "louis said i smiled harry hasn't said anything i'll have to talk to him about at home


"harry what's wrong ?"i asked hime walking into his room and sitting down

"i don't know "is all he say's

"harr"i said

"what's the matter "i asked him

"this girl i like but i don't think she likes me and i don't know what to do "he said i got up and walked out going ot my bedroom and getin gready for bed because of school god i hate that school .


"leanna wake up time for school "liam said

"mhmhm"i said rolling over

"get up get dresst and be down in a few and walked out i get up and go to my closet and pick out my outfit i dont took my shower so i can do my hair and stuff i go and began to get ready


after i pick that out and put it on i go to the bathroom and began to do my makeup and then to do my hair


yes i know my hair is blue i love it i don't care what ya think it's cool i grab my bag phone and key's and then head down stair's the boy's were eating i didn't feel like eating so i just grab a water an chuge it down i walked over and sit down ans drinking my water

"hey lea"harry said i don't like talkin got him

"hi"i mutterd

"what's wrong lea?"he asked

"it's nothing why should you care "i told him geting up and throwing my water bottle away an grabing my bag and my other stuff

"hannah are you ready to go"i asked her waitng by the door

"yea let's go "she said and we walked to the car

"lea what's up with you today ?"hannah asked

"it's nothing don't worry about i'm fine "i said staring the car and driving to school

"no your not there's somthing wrong "she said

"i'm having a bad week okay "i said keepin gmy eye's on the road

"leanna you can tell me "she said

"harry asked me that he needed help because he liked this girl he needed my help i walked out and left he doesn't like me i'm not good for him any way "i told her driving into the school and parking and grabbing my stuff and getting out .

"leanna i found harry this morning before the boy's woke up harry was crying in the living room i asked hom what's the matter and he said that you were mad at him"she said "leanna he was talking about you he doesn't like no one but you he didn't want to tall you because of what "he"did to you "she said walkign to her locker and grabbing her books

"that's not true hannah he doesn't like me i 'm not good for him "i whiperd the last part

"leanna yes he like you he just didn't know how to tell you it "she said i looked at her she wasn't lieing i know for sure she never lies

"oh"is all i could say the rest of the day i couldn't think right i was thinking of what hannah said was it true ?did he like me ,no he couldn't he couldn't could he?i shoke it off and waited for liam and the boy's to come after a bout five min later they showed up we walked in and got in

"how was school "louis asked us

"great "hannah answerd for me

"leanna are you okay "louis asked me

"yea i'm okay "i said qickely

"okay how about we go to the park "liam asked

"great "we said and we went home to change i went up to my room and changed

i walked back down stairs with the boy's waiting on me we walked to the car and got in and drove to the park we got there and got out i walked out and walked to a swing and started to swing .

"hey "i turned around to see harry standing there with his hands in his pocket rockign back and forth on his heel's

"hi"i whiperd he walked over and sat in the next swing

"lea i have to tell you somthing "harry sai di looked at him and waited for hime to answer

"yes"i said

"leanna last night i told you about the girl and i needed help "he said and i slowly nodded

"that girl i was talkign about was you leanna i was talking about you when i told you,you left this morning hannah came in when i was crying because i thought you were mad at me i should have told you but i didn't i was scared because of what happen last time and i didn't want to push i'm sorry lea"he said lookign down i swear i seen a tear coming down his cheek i got up and hugged him he was shocked but hugged back.

"harry i wasn't mad i needed time to think i shouldn't of have done that harry i'm sorry"i told him lettin go of the hug .

"you don't need to say sorry i just didn' tell you "he said

"it's okay harry i'm not mad i respect that you didn't push me because of what happen "i told him smiling at him he smiled back .

"leanna maire payne would you do me the pleasure and being my girlfriend"he asked looking at me i looked at him shocked but nodded

"yes yes "i whipers threw tear's

"what "he asked

"yes i'll be your girlfriend "i said hugging him he smiled and hugged back

"YEA THERE TOGETHER THANK GOD "louis said we looked at him and laughed and walked over to the boy's

"harry can i talk to you "liam asked

"yes "he said and walked over to liam

"harry don't hurt my sister she just had abad breakeup and i don't want you to hurt like he did can you take good care of her for me"liam asked

"yes i will liam i love her"he said leam nodded and smiled they walked back over here harry put his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek

"leanna i pround of you "hannah said coming and hugging me

"thanks hannah now i think louis has the hot's for you "i said pointing at lou who is stareing at hannah

"no he doesn't "she blushed

"yes he does go talk to him "i said pushing her tourd him i smiled i want hannah to be happy for once

"so lea how bout i take you out tomorrow night "harry said

"that'd be great "i said smiling at him

"great be ready at six wear somthing warm"he said kissing my lips

"okay "i said

"okay time to go "liam called we walked back to the car got in and went home


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