Love Doesn't Come Easy....

This story is about a girl named Leanna Jackson ,but people call her Lea for short lives in Australia with her family that she hates with everything she has in her. Her friends are the Janoskians, a boy names Marco and a girl named Hannah and others later on. She gets bullied in school because of her ex boyfriend. All she has is her diary and Marco and Hannah and Beau, but one day she finds something out that could change her life on to find out






"where's my room at "i asked liam

"up stair's t down the hall on the left beside harry "he siad

"hannah's your is on the lfet beside mine "he said

"okay thanks"we said and walked to our room to unpack

"Leanna "harry said walking in my room and sitting down

"yeah "i said lookign up and puting the last from my clothes in the closet

"we're going out tomorrow and you need to be ready"he said

"okay what time "i said laying down on my bed

"9:00 so be ready"he said and walked out

"okay "i said

"g'night"he said

"night "i said and then i was ou tlike a light




*next morning *

"wake up leanna "loui said

"mhmhm get out "i said

"no get up and get ready "he said get me up

"okay i'm up now get out and go get hannah up "i said and then began to get ready i went over to my closet i'm done with that

i go over and do my makeup

my hair

after thai go down stair's to see that everybody is done down there


"hey guy's "i said walking down stair's

"hi you look beautilful "harry said and winked

"thank you "i said and blushed

"harry don't be flirting with my sister she's off limit's "liam said walkign out of the kitchen

"liam really "i whinned

"yes really now let's go before you and harry are going out"he siad and walk to the car and geting in

"where are we going "i asked them getin gin my seat and buclking up

"we're going to the mall "liam said driving off

"okay great "i said and turned to hannah

"heyleanna"hannah said to me

"what's up "she asked me

"nothing really it's that i'm new here and i don't know nobody but you and the boys and marocs'which he is back home "i told her playing with my fingers

"lea look at me "she said and lift of mt chin to face her

"leanna marie payne back home you said you wanted to get away from the pain you were geting and then this is what you wanted to get away from jake and you kiddnapers ,lea you don't have to hid your pain nomore there gone out of your life there's nomore worryign about them for get about them .okay?"she said lookin at me sterly

"yes i know it's not that easy to forget what happen at home "i said looking away and out the window

"leanna "liam called to him from the driver seat

"yea liam"i asked him turning to him

"what really happen back home ?"he asked

"i can't tell you it's to hard to tell you "i said to him looking down

"okay but when you want to tell me you can "he said and then went back to driving

"WE'RE HERE"louis shouted out

"lou really you don't have to shout it out "i said geting out of the car and waiting fo the rest

"sowwie "he said geting out of the car

"okay now let's go "liam said and we began to walk in side the mall

"okay we're going to spit up "liam said

"harry with leanna "he said pointing at him and me

"niall and me "he said

"zayn and louis hannah "he said

"okay leanna let's go "harry said and we walked off and the others went differnt way's

"so how's london been for ya"he asked while we were walking around

"it's been great here i love london it's better than austrailla "i said walkign around looking at stuff

"leanna what really happen in austrailla "he asked looking at me

"i can't tell you it's to hard telling people what happen "i told him

"leanna you can tell me i won't tell know one "he said

"fine but promise not to tell nobody not even liam "i told him looking into his green eye's

"i promise"he said

"it happen three year's ago when i was fiffteen i had a boyfriend at the time i thought i loved him well i guess wrong after we went out for two year's. he started to beat me and call me name's i never told know one but hannah and maroca's. i wanted to breake up with him but he said if i did he would make my life a living hell well, he's kept that promise everyday he would do somthing to me it happen everyday for three year's it just didnt happen at school it happen at home my so called parent's would beat me also they hated me and i hated them i had nobody but hannah she knew my pain and so did marcao's.i would cry everynight because of the pain i had i would always hide it so nobody would know what happen i would always fake smile the pain was still there it wouldn't go away "i said tear's going down my face i qieckly wiped them away so that he wouldnt' see them

"leanna look at me "he said lifting my chin and looking into my light brown eye's

"lea you know you don't have to hide your pain you can let it out you have me and the lads your brother that's the past leanna your ln london you can start a new life without him and you so called parent's you don't have them nomore "he said looking at me sterly

"yea i guess your right thanks harry for listen "i said smiling at him

"your welcome when you need to talk you have me and the lads "he said

"yea i know ""i said walking

"now let's get back to the lads before liam has a cow "he said laughing

"yea he would wouldn't he "i said smiling and rolling my eye's and walkign to where liam said to meet at

"where were you two "liam said walkign over to me and harry

"we lost track of time "i said rolling my eye's

"how could you lose track of time when i told you to be back here at 11:20 "he said oh now he's geting angry

"we were talking and lost track of time okay don't have to get your panties in a twist "i said walking away

"leanna get back here"liam called after me

"no i told you what happen you dont have to get all angry just because me and harry lost track a time "i said walking out of the mall and walking to the car

"leanna wait i'm sorry i yelled at you i just didn't want you lost again "he said stoping me and turing me around

"i know your the protected brother i know but you really didn't have to yell me and harry were just talkign and lost track of time "i said leting go out of liams gripe and walkign to the car and geting in

"lea are you alright you ran out of the mall "hannah asked geting in the car

"it's nothing don't worry "i mumbled and looked away

"leanna look at me "harry said

"what "i said lookign at him

"remeber what i said when we were talking dont hide it let it out tell people how you feel "he told me lookign at me

"i know harry but when you have people beganing to tell you what happen it's like they want to know and thne won't care the next day"i said lookig ou the window

"we do care lea we want to help you like i said dont hide your felling's "he said

"thanks harry for everthing"i said and got out of the car and into the house

"hey lea "harry said

"yeah?"i said

"are you free this weekend"he asked me walking in my room and siting down

"yea why ?" asked him

"be ready saturday i'm taking you out "he said

"okay what time and what should i wear "i asked him siting down on the bed

"be ready by 2:30 and wear somthing cute"he said

"okay i will be there now can i lay down and take a nap "i asked him trying pushing him off

"okay g'night lea i'll see you saturday "he said and walked out and wen to his room





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