One Direction Theories (w/ Louis Fatherhood Explained)

I've changed this book around because, there's many rumors going around & some people have some really good theories out there so, I decided to let people voice their opinions &/or say their theories.


7. The Calder Twins P3

Explain this to me. >_ >

This has to be Eleanor and Tina. It's for the same day I guess she just couldn't pick out her outfit...or were the twins going out together..?

I see Katie spying on them, but..that isn't Eleanor she is spying on..

That has to be a man. There is no fucking way..

And look at how Louis was looking at the camera and who the fuck is that guy next to Katie..? Mindfuck.

Who could that person be? It can't be no way in hell it is Eleanor or Tina.

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