DNA (DNA Book 1) -Ziall Horlik AU-

Lurking in the deep shadows of Bradford, Zayn Malik, the worlds best serial killer is waiting for the perfect to kill.

As he starts to stalk the young journalist, Niall Horan, he starts to feel something - that he has never felt before.

Niall Horan, taking on his biggest challenge ever. Showing that, even fresh meat can succed, but is he too fresh for the job?

copyright of Guy_DirectionersRock


2. The Encounter

Niall sat inside the small cafe, that was right around the corner from the police station. He sat there paitently, waiting for the police cheif, Harry Styles, and come discuss the big carrer changer. 

The blonde lad, just sat there, sipping on his cup of coffee like anyother day, until he felt a slight tap on his shoulder.

Niall dropped the scourching hot beverage on his pants, and yelped in pain as it seeked through the material. Harry soon regreted scaring Niall; only if he knew Niall was holding that hot beverage, he would have just next to him. 

But no, he didn't think twice before his actions, and made Niall drop his coffee on himself.

"I'm so sorry Niall." Harry soon said, grabbing some napkins off the round cafe table, and dabbing the coffee spot- not rubbing it,

"It's okay. You didn't mean to," Niall responded with reasurment.

The younger lad nodded his head, as his messy curls bounced up and down as he moved his head. 

His green orbs he calls eyes shunned brightly in the lightly dimmed cafe. He smiled at Niall, and soon sat down across from him.

Harry brought out a black floder, and placed it on the table. Niall looked it in astonishment. Questions were running through his mind. 

He was just worried if he actually got in or did Simon, reject his articles again?

Niall bit down on his nails nervously, waiting for the answer. Niall knew he was going to get rejected yet again, but the other side; he had his head up high, knowing just maybe he is going to be able to write for the journal!

If time went any slower, Niall thought he would just grab the paper out of the curly haired lads hands, and look over the non-wrinkled paper. 

Harry sighed, as he looked at the anticipated blonde lad.

"Niall," Harry started, soon stopping taking a pause, then reopening his mouth to finish his sentence,"you didn't make it again, sorry buddy." 

Niall sat there speechless, just staring at older lad...

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