DNA (DNA Book 1) -Ziall Horlik AU-

Lurking in the deep shadows of Bradford, Zayn Malik, the worlds best serial killer is waiting for the perfect to kill.

As he starts to stalk the young journalist, Niall Horan, he starts to feel something - that he has never felt before.

Niall Horan, taking on his biggest challenge ever. Showing that, even fresh meat can succed, but is he too fresh for the job?

copyright of Guy_DirectionersRock


3. Big Case

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Niall stared at him, both shocked and disappointed. It took a while for him to register then his face fell into a large frown. "Awh, Niall. Don't make that face. I can't let you in, I'm sorry" he tucked in the folder back into his bag.

Niall had asked him for admittance to the crime scene, since Harry played quite an important , and authoritative, part in the investigation, he had been hoping that since him and the curly haired boy were quite close, the emerald eyed lad would have let him in. He thought wrong.

Harry took one look at the blonde boy before getting up, not even buying a drink. He was only here for one thing, and his job here; was done. "Wait!" Niall stopped him, and he sat back down slowly, looking at the blonde expectantly."Why am I not allowed in? Come on, Harry. This is a really big case and Simon's counting on me" he reasoned, as he clenched his fists tightly, in attempt to not burst out shouting.

His job was highly stressful, you had to get prepared and look at crime scenes then you have to get the perfect picture and then that big clomp of text that you're too scared to turn in because you felt like it will get rejected by society.

Harry sighed, "Niall, its too gruesome. I don't want you to see that. In fact, nobody at the station wants anybody to see what happens to the body. Unless you want to be mentally scarred for life that is.." He trailed off, looking deep in thought.

"I don't care, Harry. I need to get behind the tape. My job is on the line here, Simon was even kind enough to not give me a deadline for this shit, you're getting me in there Harry. I'm gonna do whatever it takes just to see what occurs in that massacre's head. Even if it does mean that I'm gonna be mentally scarred." His attempts were futile as his voice raised, to the point where Harry's green orbs showed fear at the determination the blonde had for his job. They attracted a few eyes but the two paid no attention to them.

Niall let out breath and slouched back in his seat, happy at the reaction he was given and pretty proud at that random speech. Harry remained silent, as if he was thinking of something and Niall decided to let him be, knowing that he was thinking about what he said. Then there it was again.

That feeling of being watched.

The coffee shop wasn't very full, it had only about a few people in it including Harry and Niall. The blonde turned his head around and examined the premises, he found an old man and his wife and one younger lad in the corner staring out the window. He dismissed the feeling, and told himself over and over that nobody was stalking him.

"Niall I think tha- Niall?" Niall turned his attention back to the boy, here it goes, could it be another rejection? "Yes?" He said, his voice evident with hope. "That guy in the corner is staring at you, like proper hardcore staring at you" Harry shifted uncomfortably, though Niall didn't understand why he was the one who was uncomfortable. The blonde once again turned his head and he found that Harry was right. The lad in the corner that Niall merely dismissed as another civilian was facing their direction. He wouldn't count it as looking since perched on the strangers nose were a pair of sunglasses, yet another reason why Niall would think he could be the stalker, who wears sunglasses inside? Niall eyed him curiously, watching as the stranger brought his drink to his lips. He watched the guy lick his lips before his face broke into a wide smirk.

From what Niall could see, the strangers hand was holding something under the table, maybe a mobile phone?, whilst the other held his drink. Niall continued to eye him suspiciously, but the stranger shook his head with a smile and returned his gaze back out the window.

Niall wasn't the one to jump to conclusions but this guy made his insides flip, he wasn't sure if that was good or bad. "Niall you can stop now.." Harry said with a slight laugh. "So about what you said, Maybe I could get you behind that tape after all.." He smiled. Niall was ecstatic, his whole face lit up like a kid on christmas day. "Really?! Oh my god! Yes!" He stood up and hugged him across the table. "I said maybe, Niall. I thought about it and you had a point, plus I really do think the people should know what had been happening these past few months. People are getting curious and want to know the truth..and they should know, no matter how frighteningly traumatising" Niall's head tilted to the side, was that a yes? "When can you give me a definiteanswer?" He questioned, the table wobbling slightly from its uneven legs. "Meet me here again, tomorrow?, I'm heading to the station right now-" "Can I come?! Please, please, please." Harry chuckled, first he was this scary news reporter and now he was a child, Niall had a very interesting variety of personalities.

"Sure, I guess it would be quicker" he answered getting up along with Niall. "Let me go to the toilet first, So I can clean my hands from that coffee I spilled, sorry about that again, then we could leave together." Niall nodded and Harry left for the toilets. He waited patiently but a sudden urge washed over him and his gaze landed on Harry's bag; which contained the folder.

He sat in Harry's seat and casually looked towards the toilets then back at the bag. He slipped his hand in and placed the black file onto the table, his eyes cautiously going back and fourth between the door and the file. On the front, in red letters, read 'CONFIDENTIAL' making Niall more curious, he let out a shaky breath. He opened it but luck was not on his side. Once he opened the folder and the stranger that had previously been staring at him had somehow ended up right next to the blonde, "You shouldn't be reading that" he scolded, Niall who was surprised jumped in his seat, the table shook making the coffee, which seemed to have contained a lot more coffee left than expected, spill right onto the paper, the hot liquid making the writing incoherent and blurry.

"Fuck!" He whispered scrambling out of his seat as the coffee practically drenched the papers and his trousers. Again. The stranger laughed at him and Niall felt his blood boil. He heard the toilet doors swing open and he shoved the soggy sheets deep into his coat pocket. "You ready to go- Really? again?" Harry stopped mid step and looked at the wet table, which the workers were now trying to clean up. Niall looked to where the stranger was but it was to late, he was gone. The blonde scowled immediately.

Asshole, he thought before helping the workers with the mess, not realising that the stranger was closer than he thought. He gave him one last longing glance before exiting the coffee shop, smirking to himself; his plan went well.

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