Across the water

A collection of poetry. The subject is hope and moving on. It's new beginnings and finding your way back. Enjoy!♥


2. The bridge of lights

There's a bridge of lights on our left

I watch the people cross it

And quietly hum along

To song

Of a forgotten autumn

The bridge is so beautiful

From our spot on the bay

Where we lay

And dream and hope and love

And imagining one day crossing that bridge I get up

He follows

His eyes are full of confusion

I think he always thought

He'd be the one to cross it

And I'd be the one to follow

But it's okay

More than okay

He's proud

And he's with me

He's with me on the bay

On the street

And by the foot of the bridge

And he takes the first step with me

And the I can hear the sound of waves

And they're not dangerous

And we walk

And we get to the middle of the bridge

And our love will last forever

And we walk

And a light of pure green hope slowly winks at the end

At the end of the bridge of lights

Or the beginning?

I guess that depends on how you look at it

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