The One and Only

(Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)
After my day was already going bad just to make it worse some guy bumped into me making me drop everything, as I was ready to start yelling I suddenly stopped and realized it was the one and only.


4. Chapter 4

*Sadie's POV*

It is now 6pm and I have a date with Harry at 8pm. I only have 2 hours till he picks me up, so I decided to go get ready. I took a shower to get my mind off of how nerves I was. When I was done I went to my closet and decided to wear mint colored skinny jeans with a white sleeve less studded collar shirt with my gold toms. (A/N my outfits are on polyvore my username with be at the end of the chapter) I got my curling wand and curled my brunette hair brushing through it giving it a natural look, I put natural make up on putting mascara and a little bit of eye liner to make my brown eyes stand out.

I checked the clock and It said 7:57 then I heard the door bell ring, I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs to see Sabra and Hanna smiling ear to ear. I opened the door revealing Harry wearing a plaid shirt with dark denim jeans and brown boots.

"Hello beautiful," he said with a smile, "you ready to go?"

"Yeah hold on I need to get my keys, You can come in."

I walked up stairs to get my keys then I thought, 'did I really just leave Harry in the front room with Hanna and Sabra. I hurried up and grabbed my keys off my night stand and ran down stairs probably expecting Harry to be gone. When I got down stair I seen him right were I left him except he was siting on the couch in the middle of Hanna and Sabra.

"Hey you ready to go." he said while getting off the couch

"Yea lets go" I said walking with him to the door. 

When we got out of the door I saw a black Range Rover, we walked over to the car and he opened the passenger door for me. As we were driving to where ever we were going I started to wonder where we were going.

"Harry where are we going?" I asked him.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" He said grinning

Ok now I do not like the sound of that but I'm sure he is going to take me to something normal.After about 20  minutes I hear him say,

"We're here but look I'm sorry if you think it is cheesy I just thought you would like it." he says looking at me

When we got out I looked to my right and saw a tree wrapped in lights with a small picnic table and in the middle of the table there was a candle and a rose. I can not believe he thought this was cheesy. It's the best date I've ever been on, no other guy has ever done this before.

"It's not cheesy at all I love it." I said, this is just something I just did not expect

"I'm so happy you love it." he said smiling the biggest smile

I walked over to the table as Harry sat down across from me. I am so glad to be here right now but my mind keeps telling me the opposite.  My thoughts got interrupted when he spoke,

"Why don't we ask questions to get to know each other?"

"Sure why not." I said kinda of worried of what he will ask.

" lets see,Do you have any siblings?" He said with curiosity

"Yes, I do, her name is Hanna. She was the blonde sitting next to you when you picked me up.

She has raised me since I was 14." I said looking down by the thought of my parents

"Do you have any siblings?" I said really fast to change the subject

"Yea, I have on sister, her name is Gemma.

He paused for a minute seeming like he was thinking about something,

"If you don't mind me asking what happened to your parents?" He asked looking at me concerned

"When I was 14 they got in a car crash and they both p-passed away." I said trying to hold back the tears even though I know my eyes watering.

"I'm sorry" he said while using his thumbs to softly wipe the tears away from my eyes

The rest of our conversation consisted of us laughing and finding out about the stuff we have in common. 

When we got to my house he walked with me to the front door. 

"I had fun tonight, thank you so much."

"Me too, I'm so glad you liked it." He said with a smirk.

Oh god how I loved his smirk, I mean I've seen it in magazines and pictures, but let me tell you it's sexier in person. As I was day dreaming, I noticed we were just standing here in complete awkward silence.

"Ok, um.......goodnight." I hurried and shut the door behind after realizing what have just done. I can't believe what I just did, I shut the door right his face he probably thinks I'm so stupid right now. I tip-toed up the stairs quietly hoping to not wake up Hanna or Sabra. When I got in my room I changed into something comfortable and laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep.


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