The One and Only

(Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)
After my day was already going bad just to make it worse some guy bumped into me making me drop everything, as I was ready to start yelling I suddenly stopped and realized it was the one and only.


3. Chapter 3

*Sadie's Pov*

My mind was going crazy until I heard him speak.

"Are you ok." He sounded like he was worried

"Y-Yea I'm fine" I said while he helped me up, "Hi, I'm Harry" he said as a smirk grew on his face,

"Hi, I'm Sadie" I said not really believing what is happing,

"Hey love do you think we can hang out some time." he said looking me directly in the eyes,

"Ok, heres my number." I said while thinking 'this can't be real the one and only Harry Styles just told me he wanted to hang out with me I am so surprised I did not pass out' my thoughts got interrupted

"Well I have to go see you later." he said while waving as I waved back. I started walking to the mall I decided to sit in the food court and call the girls. (A/N  SE=Sabra, S=Sadie, H=Hanna) I dialed their numbers and put us in a group call, it kept ringing until I heard them pick up.

SE&H: Heyyyyy!     

S: Hey guys I have to tell yall something very important.   

H: What is it?    

S:Well I went to starbucks and got me some coffe, I was walking out when someone bumped into me,   

H: O who was it?    

S: it was Harry   

SE: Harry as in Harry Styles  


SE:OMG OMG OMG! was Niall there!    

S: Sabra shutup I am trying to talk! and no he was not     

H: come on Sadie stop kidding around with me      

S: I wish I was , and he even asked for my number.      

All I heard was fan girling on the end of the lines. I was afraid mabey one of them was having a heart attack.  

*back to phone call*    

H:ok well I have to go, so I will call you when I get home   SE:ok I guess I will go too, Bye Miss future Styles    

S: shutup Sabra and just hang up already

*phone line went dead*

*skip about a hour or two of shopping*         

I was walking home when I heard my phone go off, I checked who it was and it was a text from Harry. 

HS: hey this is harry is this Sadie? 

S: Yes it is. 

HS: good hey love I wanted to know if you would like to go out tonight?


HS:k I will pick you up at 8xx    

Ok now this just got real I am about to go on a date with Harry, WOW a little too much excitement for today.   


A/N Hey guys thanks for reading my story, I am so sorry I have not updated in a while, if you would like to you can follow me on


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