The One and Only

(Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)
After my day was already going bad just to make it worse some guy bumped into me making me drop everything, as I was ready to start yelling I suddenly stopped and realized it was the one and only.


2. Chapter 2

*Sadie's POV* 

The phone kept ringing and nobody would answer it and there is no way I am getting up to go answer the phone.

"HANNA!" I kept yelling her name in till she finally came into the front room,

"What do you want" she said while trying not to laugh.

"Will you answer the phone it keeps ringing", she went over to the phone and answered it. After about a minute I went into the kitchen where she was on the phone, when I walked in I saw Hanna crying like there's no tomorrow.

"What's wrong" I asked while she kept crying and would not say anything,

"Hanna tell me what's wrong" I said getting worried.

"M-m-mom and Dad" she studdered out,

"What about Mom and Dad" I could feel a tear going down my cheek.

"They're gone Sadie, GONE!, we'll never get to see them again" she yelled as she started to cry harder and harder as I did the same.


Suddenly I woke up with tear stains on my cheeks trying to get the flashback out of my head. I got up guessing I will get dressed because I was in the mood for going to town. When I got done I went down stairs when I saw Hanna eating breakfast, she offered me some I said no not really being hungry.

"Hey Sadie I have to go to work today, I know I was supposed to be off today but they called me in to work." she said and I knodded me my head. As she headed out the door I thought I should leave too, so I grabbed my purse and headed to Starbucks.

*skip walk*

I walked in to Starbucks and ordered a Mocha Frappachino and waited for about 5 minutes then they finally called my name. I left with my drink and headed to the mall when I only got about 2 feet out the door I felt myself collide with someone knocking me down while my phone flew out of my hand and landed on the concrete.

I hurried and stood up and ran over to my phone picking it up 'OMG my baby, are you ok, that person is going to seriously going to pay if you're broken!' was all I could think about. The person ran over to me I was about to go off on who ever it was, when I looked up my mind went completely blank when I saw who it was, the one and only

'Harry Styles'!

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