The One and Only

(Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)
After my day was already going bad just to make it worse some guy bumped into me making me drop everything, as I was ready to start yelling I suddenly stopped and realized it was the one and only.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Sadie Fontenot and my sisters name is Hanna Fontenot. She is only two years older than me, she has raised me sinced I was 14 due to our parents passing away from a car crash, but now I am 19 and she is 21. She is more like my best friend than my sister and I like that.

Then there is Sabra Edwards,AKA my red headed, crazy party animal, One Direction lover, best friend that is always there for me. She is always with me and Hanna it's practically like she lives with us, but when we turned 17 she did move in with us.

We lived in Louisiana,USA, but when I turned 17 we moved to London,UK because Hanna got a job working at Vogue magizine, and yes Sabra did come with us. It has been about two years since we moved and so for my life is still the same.

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