Ghost Love

Hi, my name is Monique. I'm 17 I moved in to a new house, a new place far away from my friends my school and my life. I hate it. Of course I'm the new girl. The house I moved into is an Old band members house, He was from the band one direction or something like that I cant quite remember my mom used to love them when she was younger. The house used to belong to , I think his name was harry. He passed away when he was 19. I've noticed some funny things around the house. Random music would start playing, the tv would randomly turn on, and some times I hear footsteps run up the stairs toward my bedroom. I always blame it on my mom or my little brother. but sometimes I think that its harry still wondering around the house. Until about a month ago I knew it was harry. I saw him, talked to him. We're friends.We do stuff together all the time and sometimes at night when I cant sleep he sings to me until I do fall asleep. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm falling for him.


3. This Wasnt A Dream

A teenage looking boy was on my balcony sitting on top of the ledge singing. "But if I do, its you. oh its you they add up to, I'm in love with you and all these little things." I don't know who it was but his voice was amazing. I was still in shock. I don't think he had seen me yet because he was still singing. it looked like the guy I had seen earlier today when my door opened. He had curly brown hair and from the looks of it green eyes they were gorgeous- WAIT A MINUTE. "MOM!!!!!" I screamed! "MOM COME HERE NOW!!!" I started to panic could it really be.. no its not! I watched as the teenage looking boy had turned his head towards me in shock with a panic expression on his face. He sat up off the ledge and ran over to me I was screaming my moms name over and over. He took his hand and covered my mouth with it. "quiet! please! I'll do anything! anything you want just SHHHH!!!" I stopped struggling to get his hand off I was shaking almost trembling. I calmed down a bit but my heart was still beating a heavy fast pace. He took his hand off my mouth and stared at me making sure I was done screaming. "there we go, its ok I wont hurt you" he had a thick rough british accent. I stared at him I was shocked. He smiled at me.  My mom ran over to my room "what!!! whats going on!?"

"what do you mean whats going on!??!" I replied

" Whats the problem!?"

"You don't see him?!" I questioned

"don't see who?!"

"he's standing right there!" I pointed my finger to where he was. I looked back at him. It was clear as day that he was standing right there.

"Monique ! what are you talking about?!"

"you don't see him?"

"SEE WHO!" I could tell my mom was getting frustrated. I looked back to make sure I wasn't just seeing things, and there he was standing there. I looked back at him with a worried face. He just smirked and giggled a little bit.


I turned to my mom. "I uhm, I - never mind I think I was just dreaming."

"You scared me half to death!"

"I know, I'm sorry."

"that's alright go back to sleep now" my mom kissed me on the forehead turned around and left.

I turned back to him.

"still in shock?" he asked

"a little bit" I replied

"well in case you didn't know..." he extended his hand out towards me while continuously speaking

"I'm harry styles."

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