Ghost Love

Hi, my name is Monique. I'm 17 I moved in to a new house, a new place far away from my friends my school and my life. I hate it. Of course I'm the new girl. The house I moved into is an Old band members house, He was from the band one direction or something like that I cant quite remember my mom used to love them when she was younger. The house used to belong to , I think his name was harry. He passed away when he was 19. I've noticed some funny things around the house. Random music would start playing, the tv would randomly turn on, and some times I hear footsteps run up the stairs toward my bedroom. I always blame it on my mom or my little brother. but sometimes I think that its harry still wondering around the house. Until about a month ago I knew it was harry. I saw him, talked to him. We're friends.We do stuff together all the time and sometimes at night when I cant sleep he sings to me until I do fall asleep. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm falling for him.


12. The Choice

"That's good" said Harry "well to start off, I'm not alive". Louis began to speak "Harry. This isn't exactly a good time to joke."

"I'm not joking." Harry replied with a stern face.

"That's impossible, what do you mean you're not alive? You're right here in my living room breathing,"

Harry looked at me. "just do it, it's the only way he's gonna believe you" I said.

Harry looked up at Louis with a concerned face and disappeared into nothing. Louis eyes got big and he looked at me With a puzzled face. Louis stood up from the couch and felt around where Harry was sitting and then looked up at me "where is he?! Where did he- what?- I don't understand what just happened" he placed his hands on the sides of his face slowly let them fall back down into his lap as he sat back down on the couch. Harry reappeared. Louis eyes got bigger than before. Shocked and confused Louis began to speak again. " please. Just please, explain to me what's going on. You're scaring me Harry"

"Louis.." Harry began. "I'm dead, I'm a ghost" Louis looked down at his lap and covered his face. "Louis?" Harry asked as he placed his hand on Louis back. "Monique, can you give us a minute?" Harry asked. Monique looked up at Harry. "Yea, of course." She smiled as she got up and left the living room and walked around the corner.


Louis looked up at me. "I miss you Harry" Louis' eyes began to water "I miss you a lot." There was a long pause. All I could hear was sniffling. Louis reached over to the middle of the living room and grabbed a tissue to wipe his nose and the tears running down from his eyes. "I miss you too" I say. "But as of right now I'm here so let's make the best of it" I said as we both looked up at each other and smiled. "Okay" Louis replied as he smiled and started to talk again. "So what's up with Monique? Who is she"

I couldn't help but smile when he asked. "Well she's part of why I'm here, but I don't really know what we are right now but I like her."

"Niceeee, well what's holding you guys back?"

"I'm scared."


"Well if I start to fall for someone the more I start to like someone the more I come back to life. I don't know if I want to come back to life."

"Why not?"

"Because what if someone sees me out and about more I won't be able just to disappear so they can't find me. It would be like old times and I don't want to get famous again. I mean everyone thinks I'm dead. I would want to visit family and friends if I was alive again. And I would have to explain everything and I don't know how they would react. I don't want anyone to hate me Louis."

"Woah. That is a lot to take in. But I know how you feel. "

"So do you have any advice Louis, I really need some"

"Harry, I'm saying this because I love you. You're like my little brother an you have to understand that I want what's best for you. And I don't think that Monique is the best for you."

My eyes widened and my eyebrows furrowed. "Well I wasn't expecting that answer" I said

Louis started to speak " if you don't want to go through with being famous again and explaining everything then I don't think you like Monique that much. If you really liked her you would do anything to get her no matter what the troubles were Harry. If you liked her she would be the only person that mattered to you and she would be someone you would do ANYTHING for and if you are questionable about this. I don't think she's the one."

I looked up at Louis thinking about what he just said

"you're right Louis. Thank you" I said

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