Ghost Love

Hi, my name is Monique. I'm 17 I moved in to a new house, a new place far away from my friends my school and my life. I hate it. Of course I'm the new girl. The house I moved into is an Old band members house, He was from the band one direction or something like that I cant quite remember my mom used to love them when she was younger. The house used to belong to , I think his name was harry. He passed away when he was 19. I've noticed some funny things around the house. Random music would start playing, the tv would randomly turn on, and some times I hear footsteps run up the stairs toward my bedroom. I always blame it on my mom or my little brother. but sometimes I think that its harry still wondering around the house. Until about a month ago I knew it was harry. I saw him, talked to him. We're friends.We do stuff together all the time and sometimes at night when I cant sleep he sings to me until I do fall asleep. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm falling for him.


5. He's Back

Its been a month since I had seen harry. Maybe he actually did leave. I kind of felt bad because you know he hasn't talked to anyone in awhile. But it freaked me out. He seemed nice. I mean even though It freaked me out I wouldn't mind if he tried to talk to me again. I plopped down on my bed I had just got done unpacking the last box for my room. "finally" I mumbled. I wasn't gonna lie it looked good. " it looks good" I looked towards my doorway it was my mom. "thanks" I replied "I especially like the beetles wall" my mom said

I had put up all of my posters onto one wall and over time when I get more I'll just hang them up until my room gets covered.

"me to" I smiled

" you know I was exactly like you when I was your age, I had every one direction poster there was, every album, every movie, perfume. Have you ever listened to them?"

" yea I hear you sing their songs all the time."

"no Monique, like actually listened."

"oh well I- no."

"well I have something for you, and it was really special to me, and I thought maybe I would pass it on to you." my mom smiled.

She pulled out 3 albums, one said midnight memories, the other take me home, and the last was up all night.

" these are their albums" she handed them to me

"mom I cant take these from you I know how much they mean to you"

" no please, I want you to have them" she smiled, " listen to them I have a feeling your gonna like them" she turned around and started to walk out but stopped and then turned around " oh and I would start with up all night, and then take me home" and she walked out of the room. I popped open my stereo and placed up all night in. The first song came on, it was called what makes you beautiful, and I actually really liked it. I played it over and over it was really catchy.

Harry's part came on I could tell it was him because I heard him singing that one song the last time I saw him and his voice is kind of rough, but I like It a lot. I started to play the next song and the next song to try and find the one he was singing but it wasn't on that album so I popped in take me home. I passed through 2 songs until one particular song came on, "your hand fits in mine like Its made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be" the song went on until it hit harrys part and it was defiantly the song " I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape .." it sounded so good! his voice is so amazing. I heard some one come in from behind me singing along with harry's part. I turned around to see harry. My heart started to pound but not as much as last time. This time it was like I was excited to him. "you like our music?" he smiled

" actually yea  its pretty catchy I didn't think I would."

" what albums do you have ?" he walked over to my stereo and picked up the albums. "wow you have all of them"

" well actually my mom had all of them"

"ohhh so your mom was a fan?"

" ohh yea way more than a fan she was obsessed"

" I call that dedicated." harry smirked

I rolled my eyes. " so you came back?"

" yea I thought I might try to talk to you again if that's ok"

"yea that's fine" I smiled

" good" he walked over to my bed and sat down on it. I sat cross legged on my floor. We started to talk about when he was alive and what it was like to be on stage and have so many fans. I could tell he loved it. "it was the funnest thing I have ever experienced" said harry

I smiled " you know talking to you is actually kinda nice, I like it."

harry grew a big smile on his face. " really?" he asked

" yea really, I don't have anyone to talk to besides my mom, or my brother and sometimes my dad when he isn't working. so its actually quite nice to be able to talk to someone different."

"so I can come back?"

"of course" I smiled.  I heard my mom call my name from downstairs "MONIQUE!"

" I have to go harry" I got up to walk out of my room "wait!" harry exclaimed

" I'll be at your balcony at 10, meet me there and don't forget!"  I smiled " okay" I walked out the room and jotted downstairs. "yea mom?"

"I just wanted to give you this to I forgot about it, you can add it to your collection, if you want." It was a rolled up poster I unrolled it and looked at it, it was a one direction poster. " thanks mom" I turned around and started to walk upstairs, "Monique?" I stopped and turned around again "yea mom?"

" who were you talking to?"

my eyes got big, "uhm no one..."

"really? I could have sworn I heard you talking"

" no I think you were hearing the music..." I turned back around and rushed upstairs. I walked into my room and set the poster on my dresser " that was close.." I mumbled.


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