Ghost Love

Hi, my name is Monique. I'm 17 I moved in to a new house, a new place far away from my friends my school and my life. I hate it. Of course I'm the new girl. The house I moved into is an Old band members house, He was from the band one direction or something like that I cant quite remember my mom used to love them when she was younger. The house used to belong to , I think his name was harry. He passed away when he was 19. I've noticed some funny things around the house. Random music would start playing, the tv would randomly turn on, and some times I hear footsteps run up the stairs toward my bedroom. I always blame it on my mom or my little brother. but sometimes I think that its harry still wondering around the house. Until about a month ago I knew it was harry. I saw him, talked to him. We're friends.We do stuff together all the time and sometimes at night when I cant sleep he sings to me until I do fall asleep. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm falling for him.


9. don't fall for him

After about 7 minutes our drinks were ready. We grabbed them and walked out of the Starbucks to Harry's car. "What was that about?" I asked Harry. I mean I have nothing against what he said but you know, I'm curious! Harry smiled and sarcastically replied " I don't know what you're talking about" he opened the drivers side of the car and got in. My eye brows furrowed. I huffed and opened the passengers side of the door and got in. "Harry?" I asked while putting on my seatbelt. "Yes?" He said while he clicked on his seat belt and started the car.

"What was that?"

"It was what I said" he replied.

I started to get confused, he was doing this on purpose. Trying to confuse me.

"You said we would be cute together"

"No I didnt"

"Yes you did"


"Harry, I heard you. I was right there when you said it."

"No, the lady said we would be cute together"

"And you agreed!"

"But I didn't say it" Harry winked at me with a smirk

"You're a little shit."

"How am I a little shit, I basically complimented you"

I stared at Harry with a confused look.

"What? How was that a compliment"

"Well If I agreed that we would look cute together, that obviously means I find you attractive" he pulled the drivers stick shift into reverse.

My eyes got wide and I felt uncomfortable. I'm not good with handling compliments very well"

"So see? It was a compliment!" Harry smiled and pulled out of the parking lot.

"You think I'm cute"


"But you just sai-" Harry cut me off

"Attractive. I said you were attractive" I stared at him with blank look on my face. Harry chuckled.

"I'm just messing with you" we pulled out of the parking lot and into the main road. It was about 2:00 pm by now. I was kind of confused. I had no idea if he meant he was joking that he found me attractive or joking just in general. I mean I don't know him that well, and don't get me wrong he's definitely hot as fuck. Like shit damn gimme yo' digits boy. I giggled at the thought of what I just said in my head. "What?"

I didn't realize I had giggled out loud. "Oh uhm nothing you're joke was just too funny" I started to blush. "Uhm okay" Harry laughed. One thing I was worried about was if he did think I was cute, nothing would happen. He's a ghost. I mean we would be able to hang out but he's dead. We wouldn't be able to have a life. What If things got serious? We wouldn't be able to get married or have kids, what if we couldn't even buy a house! Harry's name is gone. It's non existent anymore. He is considered dead to anyone but me. I'm probably over thinking this. We're not even together. I snapped out of my thoughts when Harry pulled onto a dirt road lined with trees. "where are we going?"

"You'll find out in a second" Harry replied

"We pulled up about 10 feet away from a tree, attached to each branch was a glass bottle hanging from a string. Under the tree was a blanket.

"Harry what are we doing"

"Having a picnic" he smiled and took the keys out of his ignition. We both opened our doors an got out of the car. Harry clicked a button and popped the trunk to his car and pulled out a basket. I followed him over to the blanket where he set the basket down and then sat down cross legged. I did the same. He opened the basket and pulled out the usual picnic food. PB&J sandwiches, a container of fruit, chips, and a container that held two chocolate cupcakes"

He handed me my sandwich and both of us started to eat.

"Where did you find this place?" I asked

"Well one day i got into a fight with Liam, one of my other band mates. And so I walked out and took a drive and ended up here."

"What was the fight about?"

"I don't remember probably something about a video game"

"What about the bottles?"

"You ask a lot of questions" smiled Harry

"I'm curious!" I smiled back

"They're secrets. People would write their secrets down put them in a bottle and tie them to the tree"

"Do you have any secrets hanging?"

" a lot, all of my band members do"

Harry and I sat under the tree talking for 3 hours after that it was about 6 at night and Harry had got his guitar out of the back of his car and was playing it for awhile. He was sitting and leaning against the tree and I was Laying on his lap while he sang and played the guitar. We were laughing, smiling, joking. I liked this. Harry looked down at me, and smiled. "What?" I giggled. Harry set his guitar down.

"Your eyes are gorgeous" he lifted his hand up to move a piece my hair out of my face and behind my ear. And instead of taking his hand away Harry Leaned in.

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