Ghost Love

Hi, my name is Monique. I'm 17 I moved in to a new house, a new place far away from my friends my school and my life. I hate it. Of course I'm the new girl. The house I moved into is an Old band members house, He was from the band one direction or something like that I cant quite remember my mom used to love them when she was younger. The house used to belong to , I think his name was harry. He passed away when he was 19. I've noticed some funny things around the house. Random music would start playing, the tv would randomly turn on, and some times I hear footsteps run up the stairs toward my bedroom. I always blame it on my mom or my little brother. but sometimes I think that its harry still wondering around the house. Until about a month ago I knew it was harry. I saw him, talked to him. We're friends.We do stuff together all the time and sometimes at night when I cant sleep he sings to me until I do fall asleep. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm falling for him.


7. Date, or just hanging out?

I sat down at my table, the food was a little cold but still warm enough to eat. It tasted really good! I thought guys were suppose to suck at cooking but I guess not. I finished up and ran back up stairs I took a warm shower wrapped a towel around me and brushed my teeth. I walked into my room and glanced at my alarm clock which showed the time, it read 11:00. "okay I got this I have exactly an hour to get dressed, throw shoes and deodorant on, blow dry and do my hair and spray some perfume on I cannot forget the perfume...or makeup!! o my gosh I almost forgot my makeup!!" I was talking to my self I do that a lot when I get nervous or frustrated in this case I was both I grabbed a pair of ripped shorts,black toms and a light blue loose half shirt. I headed to the bath room once again to do my hair I blow dried it and used my wand to put beach waves in my hair I sprayed hair spray in it to give it some volume while I scrunched it not to brag or anything but I think I did I pretty good job I looked at the time on my phone it was 11:45 I had 15 minutes to do my makeup I just threw on natural colors for my eye shadow and I outlined my eye with black eye liner with wings of course and put mascara on "done!" I looked at the time on my phone 11:57, I was three minutes early I jotted downstairs and out the front door and there was harry outside standing next to a car a silver smaller one, "who's car is that?" I asked harry

"its mine" he replied

 I looked at him with a puzzled face "But.."

"I know alright so #1 I keep my car parked down the street, #2 yes, I can still drive even though I'm a ghost and #3 yes, people do notice me but they never recognize me and if they do I just say I look like harry styles"

"how in the world did you know what I was going to ask you?" I was shock it was crazy he already knew what I was going to ask him.

"I used to talk to a girl when I first died she asked the same things but she moved out a realy long time ago."

" that's still weird"

harry just laughed "come on, lets go" we got into his silver car I'm not sure but I think It was a Prius. we drove away and the first placed he stopped was at a Starbucks. I love this place! We both walked in, and stood in line "you've been here before right?" harry asked

"uhm I think once or twice..." harry stared at me with a blank face with literally no emotions and all that came out of his mouth was " are you serious?"


"I'm sorry"

"uhmm okay, harry its not anything huge I mean its just coffee"

his jaw dropped "stop staring at me like that its weird!" I said

"you have obviously not been here often."

we were now at the front of the line " what can I get you?" a lady wearing a green starbucks hat on and wearing a green starbucks apron asked "alright uhmmm can I get a venti extra caramel latte please" harry ordered "yes sir and what name should I put on here?"

"harry" he smiled and looked at me "what do you want?"

"I'm not to sure I don't ever go here, uhm I'm just gonna have the same thing as you" I said

"make that two venti extra caramels please" said harry the lady smiled pressed a couple buttons on the ash register and started to talk again "what name should that go under?" "Monique" I said "alright your total is going to be 7.75" the lady smiled at us, harry handed her the money "can I ask you guys a question?" asked the lady "sure" said harry

"are you guys together?"

I shook my head no, and harry did too. " nope were just friends" said "awh that sucks, you guys would be so cute together" harry started to speak " yeah it does suck, we would be cute together" harry looked at me and winked.


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