When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


1. Prologue

The sunshine beamed onto my face, I was going to get a sunburn. Shire and I walked to the city to witness the destruction of the Statue and the fan fiction genre. I spat on every crumbled statue of our former leaders I saw, as Shire gave many young girls, who were bawling, death glares.

"Mels," Shire smiled, the creases by her eyes folding.

"Yes?" I replied titling my head, and turing to the side without walking another step.

"It was us." she chuckled, "We helped free Movellasland."

I nodded, my smile was hazy as my thoughts trailed away. We carried on walking when I heard a voice call us back, "Look!" a group of people shouted in amazement. My eyes widened as I saw the Movellasland logo waved in the wind on a flag. The golden flag pole glittered warmly in the suns rays, it stood tall and majestically, looking over us. The blue had been subtly enhance with gold which gave it an even more beautiful look


I grinned- and once again Movellasland thrives!- even those who had been enforcers looked less distraught, nearly all were smiling.


I caught sight of Marshall in the crowd watching, but couldn't spot anyone else that I knew


"Shire?" my was voice low.

She raised her eyebrows, "Mhm, yes?"

"Why does Marshall wear a veil?"

She was silent, thinking maybe, but I could tell she didn't like the question.

"Shire? Tell me?"

"Tell you what?" A new voice sounded, and I turned to face the man who had just joined us, trying to look as innocent as possible

"Nothing Marshall... don't worry"

"Then why are you trying to look innocent?"

"She wants to know why you wear a veil" Shire interrupted

"Because I want to keep my identity secret of course!"

"Yes, but why do you want to keep it secret? The war's over!"

"Because I do Mel... don't worry" He retorted "what I want to know is about the libraries and the base and what the hell we do now?"

"Remember the fight the day you joined? The libraries had begun to disappear at that time" Shire muttered absently

"What does that have to do with now?"
"Nothing- the talk about libraries just made me remember that"


"Guess whom the first library that died belonged to?"

Without giving me a chance to answer which indicated it was retorical question she continued. "Mine, the bitches killed mine!"

"Okay." I told her, trying to calm her down, quite desperately as an angry Shire isn't great, at all.

"Well I'm going to see the flag closer up" Marshall decided "Coming? And if the others haven't seen this already we should tell them"

"Good idea!" Shire grinned eagerly "It's beautiful, isn't it"




Hey Everyone, a quick author's note to say thank you to everyone for 1000+ reads on When the War began, there was no conflict. As you know, this is the sequel but has room for more characters so on the off-chance you would like to be featured in this movella, comment below with the name you wish us to use and if there is any other information, please add that too.

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