When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


7. Chapter 6

(*Rusty's POV*)

The twisting corridors I ran down were confusing, but I didn't have to worry about where I was going. All I had to do was get away, from him.

Torches flickered regularly, I always preferred torches then the florescent lights in Cyber, so in my library they went. Rows and rows of books had been organised neatly  in the library above me, but nothing was in the escape route below. Only the occasional cobweb and thick dust that had settled in the winding corridors.

I had placed routes to all of the others library's in case of an emergency, but I didn't want to lead him there.  I had to lose him in the confusing corridors. They reminded me of Mystery's caves in a novel me and Shire are writing together.

No one knew of the tunnels that interlaced under Movellasland, apart from me and maybe LMH. I wouldn't be surprised if she had found them, knowing her she probably used them regularly. I didn't dig them myself (which would have been too much work) instead I placed a piece of paper on top of a map of Movellasland and drew all the tunnels, then described them bit by bit and they appeared under Movellas. It was time consuming, but worth it nether the less. If LMH does use these tunnels, I hoped I wouldn't meet her. Not only would that put her in danger too but I don't want anybody to know I'm here.

After I'd gotten Mel out from the fire and seen that everything was under control I had run back to one of my library with fresh inspiration to write down. I remember having written something similar in one of my novels, a fire that could burn through anything, even fire-proof wood. That's when he showed up, he knocked on my door, and I thought it was Mina so I answered to find him standing there, eyes sunk deep into his skull and his hair was greasy and a faded brown.

As soon as I saw him I had fled into the tunnels, hoping to shake him off then back-track to the library then tell the others. Unfortunately it meant that he found out of their existence but there wasn't anything else I could have done.

He was still following- his even, steady breathing almost silent against my heavy, hurried puffing. I had never been much of a cross-country runner, more of a quick sprint. But now my energy was draining fast, I could feel my legs getting heavy. I tripped on a loose stone and fell to the ground.

I couldn't help thinking it would be so much easier to just lie there, let him catch me and do whatever he plans to do to me. But I knew I couldn't. I had to keep going and warn my friends.

I scrambled up off the ground and continued my run. When I noticed that he hadn't gained a step on me, he was still the exact same distance away from me. I quickened my stride, and true to my theory, the time between each footstep quickened. I slowed and he slowed.

He must think I'm leading him some where, I thought. Fat chance!

I continue running and feel a breeze of fresh, night air, coming from the end of this cobblestone corridor.

One of the only exits that leads to the outside was just up ahead. I was almost there, I could hear his footsteps quickening as he realised. They were no longer matching my own. I saw a lever up ahead. Of course! I had forgotten about the traps I laid at each end, in case I was being followed.

I pulled the lever and thorny, thick bushes fell from the ceiling in front of his path. It would take him a while, but he would get through, and once we were on the open plain this tunnel opens at, he would be able to catch me.

Because I now understood why he was matching my pace, because he would need to knock me unconscious to catch me, and if he did that in the tunnels, he wouldn't have been able to get out.

I ran out into the open night air, nothing but sweeping plains all around, a single tree stood nearby, marking the exit.

'A single sheaf of parchment, a black ball point pen and a red, loaded flare gun.' I whisper and the desired items appeared in my grasp. I quickly scribbled down a note and impaled it in the tree with the pen. Then shot the flare gun into the sky. It exploded in five smaller red flares, and those drifted down to the ground.

I ran as far away as I could from the tree, after about ten metres, he appeared from the tunnel. Twigs stuck in his hair and scratches from the thorns.

I stopped running and turned to face him.

'Hello Uncle.' I spat through bared teeth.

'Ah Rusty, my favourite nephew.' He shouted, holding out his arms as if to embrace me, he kept advancing on me quickly. I knew I was going to be captured, I just hoped my friends saw the flare…

"Favourite? Yeah right" I snorted "What do you want?"

"Why so unfriendly?" he asked, acting innocently surprised "I came for you of course. You're going to have to come with me and that's why I'm here. You see, ever since you betrayed Cyber and joined the rebels of Movellasland, I have wanted to talk to you desperately. I hoped that when you saw the condition of your poor uncle, that you would see reason and come to the right side.' He explained holding out one of his hands as if for me to take it.

He was standing right in front of me now.

When I made no move to take his hand he lowered it, sighing, then said "Very well. I had hoped to do this the easier way, but if you have to be difficult... What lies did they feed you to make you do this?"

"They didn't make me do anything. You invaded Movellasland and started to kill their libraries".

"Which one of them was it? I promise I'll give them an extra nasty death. Although I was planning to do that anyway" he smirked, raising a fist.

It collided with my temple, for a split second I saw red, then black.

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