When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


6. Chapter 5

(*Mel's POV*)

I stood looking at the fire, I hoped it hadn't reached the library. While the library had fire-proof wood (although where Marshall had found it, I would never know) and a water-system just inside the door, if the fire had actually been started inside the library- well that was a whole other topic.

"Guys what the hell happened!" Myrah nearly screamed at us as she came running up.. An idea sprung to mind, but I wasn't sure

"Do you have anymore of that- stuff?" I pondered quickly on an example, "The stuff we used when you turned up and first talked about biological warfare."

"How is a drug that helps stop bleeding going to help in a fire? Anyway the revolution's been over for two months or so"

"Urm, I don't know?" I said looking at the blaze, "It might get us through."

Myrah looked at me quizzically before sighing, "I have something else though. Three batches, and you're lucky I was finishing work on them before I came here."

"All I need." I answered grabbing three test tubes and dishing handing two to out to Shire and LMH. "Drink."

I smelled the vile substance, "Down the hatch." I uttered to myself, gulping it down, a grimace forming, my forehead creased. I shivered, clamping my eyes shut, "That stuff is horrible! You really need to work on the flavour."


I ran inside the building, the smell of smoke and gas filled my lungs, this was no wood fire, I decided, something about the smell, I gave the idea a second thought, but then saw LMH and Shire running towards me.

"Mels!" Shire choked. "It's Arson."

I looked at the gas meter shaking in her hand, it didn't say arson, her breathing started getting increasingly heavy, "LMH!?" I shouted only to notice she was already down, muttering something that I couldn't hear. Shire collapsed beside me, I dropped down on my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks. I listened to her uneven breath, I sat between Shire and LMH gulping in the gas, tears still streaming down my cheeks.


As my head started gaining weight and becoming dizzy, I heard a voice, "Hush little child, don't say a word, papa's gonna' buy you a mocking bird..." the voice, it was so, familiar, then it came to me.

"Styles?" my voice was rough and weak.

"Shh," he insisted, "tick tock goes the clock, and all the years they fly, tick tock goes the clock, I'm afraid your friends must die."

I shook my head, trying to heave my body to an upright position, he shook his head, "No, no. Sleep child."


I felt my eyes shut as I muttered something, I tried to scream, all that my voice would allow was a hoarse whisper, and a bit of a squeak before my surroundings became black.



"Mel? wake up!" Shire was yelling at me. I opened my sore eyes and sat up.

"What the?... Where am I?"

"You fainted" LMH said "You screamed my name, then chocked out something about a stylist and then you just- collapsed. It was kinda scary"

"Oh" I muttered, relieved "I thought- I thought I saw Curly"

"I think it was the stuff I gave you" Myrah said, quavering "It wasn't ready. At least Rusty went in when he found out what had happened to help Shire and LMH get you out as they were a little dizzy themselves"She added.

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