When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


5. Chapter 4

(*Mina's POV*)


I stood in the hallways of the old HQ. My home for a few months off five years, now it stood tall and empty except for the old library in the centre which was only half-filled with the remnants of those saved. Now my co-rebels all lived above their libraries, making them even more precious and personalized than before. A smile appeared on my face as I thought about the beauty, the peaceful atmosphere and smell of fresh parchment, or paper, depending on which you preferred to write on. I mentally reminded myself to go on a visiting spree when I had the time.


Then there are the stories themselves. Thoughts a feelings, characters and excitement, horror, romance, fantasy all in a whirlwind of pages and creativity as a story unfolded, the thrill of pages flying by as each new sentence, each new word, each new letter brought sent waves of exhilaration down your spine. The feeling was indescribable, fairer than it was possible to express and nothing compared to it.


I drew closer to the heart of the building, the old library itself, never touched nor ruined by enforcers or any harm. It mostly contained reports from the revolution, which started somewhere around here, where though I had never been sure. Maybe I should ask Shire, Marshall or Beanie, the only ones that I knew who had joined the revolution before me? One of them must know. Shire's library was just around the corner and the other two's weren't that far off either.


It did smell funny here though. I couldn't think what it was, but there was definitely had to be something wrong. I ran in what I thought was the direction of it, but had no clue to what was going on until I began to cough. Smoke!


The building's on fire!


I turned back, ready to run and call for help, but the rooms ahead let out a bright orange glow. How fast can a fire spread? I dropped to the floor and moved as fast as I could in the other direction. The smoke was making my eyes water, but I could still vaguely see.


Oh screw fire safety! I'll never make it out like this!


I stood up and ran, not knowing how big the fire was or what had started it. It was the smoke you should be thinking about most in a fire, really, but fires don't just start themselves. Not even in a library filled with papers and parchment and wooden bookcases. It wasn't even hot today.


After what seemed like forever, I could see the back door and shoved it open in my haste to get outside. I didn't pay attention to the people that ran up and half-yelled questions at me, instead stood there and coughed trying to breathe clean air in after all the smoke.


"Will the lot of you be quiet" A familiar voice interrupted and the babble of voices fell silent. I looked up to find Shire urgently shaking me


"Shire" I gasped "There's a fire around about the library in the centre. Lots of smoke so it must be-"


She pointed at the building behind me without a word. I turned to find orange flames licking away and devouring the bricks. A loud wail signalled the fire brigade arriving. I turned back to Shire to find a tear running down her cheek.


"Shire!" Two women ran up. I didn't recognise either of them, but clearly Shire did.


"What's happening?" One of them asked


"A fire Enya. Inside the-" Shire began


"Very place that the revolution started" the other one muttered, looking sadly up at the blazing building.


"How though?" I demanded "It can't have happened on it's own. The temperature here at this minute feels like below zero degrees so it's not the heat!"


"Like arson?" Enya's eyes were wide.


"It's a bit too soon to jump to conclusions like that" her friend argued


"Yeah, but think a little. This was the first HQ of the revolution. And it's being destroyed. Don't you think that has more than a little meaning or something? If it was some pathetic directioner's idea" Shire said angrily, eyes blazing with fury "and if I ever find out who did this..." she let the threat hand in the air, and turned back to the building


"And it was home" I added "for us at least" I looked at Enya and the other woman "speaking of which, I'm Mina. I'm guessing you were in the revolution from quite early on from you mentioning it was the first HQ"


"Ro-Ro. You guess right, though. I ended up as third-in-command at the end of the war as the deaths grew higher"


"My name is Enya"


"And I'm Mels" I jumped, to see she and LMH had arrived, both looking grim "What started the fire?"

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