When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


3. Chapter 2

(*Shire's POV*)

I looked up, annoyed as the door swung open. Not that I minded visitors, but when fresh inspiration came to me I like to have somewhere quiet before I could let the story flow onto paper or parchment. Oh well. Maybe they wouldn't too loud. I turned back to my attention back to the smooth sheets, but was interrupted before I could get any further

"Excuse me? We are looking for- certain records and we told we'd find them here" A female voice spoke. I looked up.

"Which records?" I asked the brown haired girl in front of me "But first, who are you?"

"Uh... I'm Enya" she grinned "and RoRo and I were looking for the royal family tree records. Have you got any here?"

"Yes, but weren't there any in Central Movellasland or something? These don't go as far back from the last King as others, but will twelve-or-so generations do?"

"I have no idea, you should ask RoRo. I think she only found about five in the notes so far, they were scattered as if someone didn't want us to find anything"

"There may be some truth in that, but-"

"Enya?" Another woman stepped out from behind a bookshelf "Oh there you are! Who's-" she gestured towards me

"I'm Shire" I stood up "And Enya was asking about the royal family tree, but you won't find anything on those bookshelves. It was kept hidden during the war and now I look after it. I'm guessing you were high up in the revolution and still are, as it's not very well known we have such records around here at all"

"I'm RoRo" she began "but wait-  you're saying you actually have the records? Proper ones? Finally!"

I grinned "Has it taken you these two and a half months since the end to find ones then? That's odd. I suppose the tyrants destroyed them all then"

"That does make sense" Enya agreed, but RoRo shook her head

"The revolution kept some throughout the war but soon after it ended they disappeared, before I could look at them"

"Here" I grabbed a few pieces of parchment hidden in a book from a shelf right behind where the door went when it was opened and spread them out along a table "Where've you got to?"

"From organising what little information I had, not one person from four generations back"

"This goes to twelve or thirteen, and frankly if you can't find anything from this then I doubt you will at all-" I broke off, realising RoRo and Enya were busy studying the papers rather than listening. My eyes flickered back to my own stack and quill. I was about to walk back and get started, ideas already running through my mind, when a loud yell from Enya made me spin back around and join her leaning over

"What is it? Did you find something?" RoRo asked excitedly

"Look" her finger pointed to Queen Alexis II, around six or seven rulers before the last King "Alexis had a son and a daughter. The son inherited the throne of course, but if you look down her daughter's line here," her finger traced down "to this last name here and then at the date of birth"

"He's still alive!" RoRo gasped "The name is?"

"Jordan- Phillips" Enya read in a solemn voice

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