When the war had ended, we thought all was done

What do you do when you've spent the last five years of your life fighting for freedom and suddenly everything stops, the tyrants are dead and the revolution has won?

Write, you might say, but the restoration of the country to it's former glory in the elder days of the King is not going to be as easy as they thought. Especially when the new king is not all he seems to be.


11. Chapter 10

(*Mels POV*)

Movellasland gathered in the centre at St. Rebells cathedral for the crowning of the new King, King Jordan. LMH, Marshall, Myrah, Shire, Beanie and I had made are way all the way from the north, but even with the power of science fiction it took forever. The sky was grey and rain splattered down on us, from above, the crowd looked like a colage of brightly coloured umbrellas. There weren't many movellians there, mostly because there weren't many left. Directioners, on the other hand milled through the streets.

"Finally." I sighed, even though I had nothing to do with my life now, I was overjoyed I had helped.

"Agreed." Shire confirmed.

"Agreed." LMH seconded Shire's remark.

"What do we do now?" Shire asked.

"Write." LMH replied plainly.

"There is always a war to be won." I muttered as Jordon Philips walked onto the stage, he smirked with confidence. Grinning some what evilly at the crowd, it sent a chill up my spine. "Where's Rusty?" I inquired.

"Rusty?" they all repeated. 

"Where is he?" Mina inquired.


The name rusty rolled over the crowd like a hushed whisper of uncertainty; people turned to each other wondering where this 'Rusty' was. Those who were Directioners thought he was dead; the rest of us knew he was missing.

"He wouldn't miss this." Beanie commented, her voice quivering slightly as she thought of the endless possibilities that could have come to be, all the harm that could have happened him. "Mina?"

Shire and LMH turned to her and then to Mina who was running and panting trying to catch their attention; all of them hurried over to her as she caught her breath her palms resting on her knees.

"Rusty-!" Her voice was panicked, "He was-"

"Yes?" Beanie urged her to continue talking.

"For God's Sakes, Rusty's been taken!" Her shout was louder than anticipated, and they glimpsed King Jordan making his way down from the podium.

That walk. That grin. That Laugh. Those eyes.

"That's not Jordan, is it?" I shuddered as I look to LMH.

She shook her head in agreement. "I think we should leave-NOW!"


We sprinted away from 'Jordan' as fast we could, being followed by a ton of armed soldiers firing bullets at us.

"How the fuck is he alive?" LMH shouted between breaths of cold sweet air. "He, what is he doing here?"

"I saw him, remember when HQ was burning." I replied through gritted teeth, "You said I had fainted, but you and Shire did too."

The group looked at me questioningly.

"Shire said it was Arson, when the gas-o-meter clearly said it was an unknown gas like the stuff when we broke into the Tyrants castle in Cyber. Both of you fainted, and I heard Styles singing nursery rhymes and when I asked if it was him he confirmed it."

"Well you were right." Enya pointed out as she looked behind us at the Directioners who crowded around Curly and followed us.

"I thought I had gone insane, so I ignored the tape I had on." I continued, "I recorded it, but I figured it was nothing."

"Nothing?" They looked at me in surprise. 

I sighed, "Well I guess the war hasn't ended."

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