Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


9. chapter 9


Sabra's P.O.V

So today was the due date of the babies but my water have not broke yet so Niall and I are looking online to see what to do to get your water to break cause we can't wait till it does. So they say that you can get A Gym ball and bounce on it so we wil try. ''Okay Niall will you pleasego get the Gym ball'' i said when he got it i went to sit on it and i started bouncing and Niall went to get him some food so when he left i felt like i peed my self but them, i started to feel this stining pain it my stomach so I scream '' NIALL IT WORKED THE BABY IS COMING GO GET THE STUFF I WILL CALL EVERYBODY AND TELL THEM TO MEET US THERE. Then Niall started to scream''OMGGGGG THE  BAIES ARE COMING OKAY BABY JUST STAY RIGHT THERE I NEED TO GO GET THE THINGS 0OH MY GOD!'' So niall got the stuff and helped me get to the car

Skip car ridE

When we got to the hospital Niall jumped out and helped me out of the car and he carried me in there and told the nurse that i was in labor they put me in a Wheelchair and brought me to Room 809 and everybody showed up and started talking to me and asking questions and then the Doctor came in and started checking my contractions and how dialated i am and she said that i was ready to give birth so she said i can have 4 people in here with me i said ''Niall,Sadie,Maura,and Sandy aka my mom so Niall and Sadie were holding my hand  my mom and Nialls mom were at the bottom of the bed by the Doctors and my feet. So the doctor said ''Sabra I will count to ten and you will hold you breath til i say ten okay'' ''okay'' I said so while the doctors where counting i was squeezing Sadie and Nialls hand and i think i almost broke their hands. So After i Gave birth to Haley Gwen Horan and Hayes Alen Horan. Perrie,Zayn,Harry,Louis,Eleanor,Liam,Danielle they told Niall and I congradulation.


Okay i am so sorry thst i havent been updating its cause school and im buisy if yall have any questions or ideas for the story comment in the comments please like and favorite and follow  Thanks Loves


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