Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


8. chapter 8

Nialls P.O.V

So today I was thinking about meeting up with Sadie to ask if she wants to come ring shopping with me. Yea Yea I know a little to early but I love her and im having twins with her and im happy.

Calling Sadie

S-Sadie n-Niall

N - hey Sadie I was wondering if we can meet up at starbucks.

S - sure may I ask why

N- Because I want to get Sabra an engagement ring and I don't know what she likes

S - sure what time

N - 11:30

S - okay Bye

N - bye

I cant wait to go shopping for a ring for Sabra .

Sabra P.O.V

So niall left a few minutes ago and I was wondering why he was being so nervous around me he is never like this . But then I got a text by Niall saying that he will pick me up at 5:00 and wear something pretty. I looked at the time and it is 3:45 so I have some time to get ready. I did my hair ,makeup ,picked out some clothes, and shoes. I went down stairs to check what time it was and it is 4:55 so Niall should be here any minute. Then, I heard a honk and thought niall was here so I went out side and got in the passenger side and we drove off. When we got to Nandos we got out and went in and sat at our table. So we finished our food and we just talked and then Niall came over to me and got down on one knee and said '' Sabra I loved you and always have when we first meat and when I found out that you were pregant andI will always love you and my twins and will you do me the honor to change Edwards to Horan and I said yesssssssssssss

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