Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


6. chapter 6

Next Morning

I woke up and went to go get ready to go to the doctors today. I grabbed my clothes and went to take  shower. When I was done I blow dried and curled my hail. Then I went to wake up Niall I said '' Niall baby wake up and get ready so we can go to they doctor appointment I said '' Okay but hurry When he was done we went to go to the appointment


When we got there we went to the desk to the lady and said our names and she said that the doctor will be right out. When they said '' Mrs Edwards so me and Niall went to go and see the doctor. The Doctor Sid '' Alright Mrs. Edwards lift up your shirt please'' , I did as I was told and we thought that there was something wrong because the doctor gasped and said something we did not suspect Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Horan it looks like yall are having twins I said '' Burt yall told us that we were only having one baby'' , Dr. said '' yes we did but we did not see the second baby so it looks like yall are having  a girl and a boy . When we got home we ate culdded and by the time we were done we were tierd and it was 10;00 and went to bed.

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