Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


4. chapter 4

When we got there we went to Babies R Us , Walmart, Kmart, Target.We got dippers, baby wipes, clothes,rags ,bottles,onsies,toys,powder,the bed,and car seat,etc. When we got to Nialls and I apartment [ Sorry forgot to say that yall ad yalls own apartment] ,we went to the Babies room to put every thing together. When we got the baby bed up,clothesput away,dipers put away and the rest of the babies stuff. Niall do you want to go to Nandos I said [ BTW Nandos is good i used to live in ireland but moved to Louisanna] Niall Said '' Of coures i do '' I just laughed.

Skip car Ride

When we got there we went and sat down at out table and talked until the watier came over to get our drinks. She had Blonde Hair Her name is Kailey. When i looked at Niall he was like drooling over her so I got i bit jeliouse so were dating that is what is suppose to happen. When she askes us what we wanted to drink I said'' Dr.Pepper'' Niall said ''Sprite''. Then she gave us our drink and asked if we were ready to order and we both said '' Yes'' , We both orderd Peri Peri Chicken. Niall Said '' Sabra whats wrong'' and I said '' Nothing'' I lied. We finished eating and went home . When we got I was ignoring him . Thenhe asked again ''Sabra what is wrong '' and i said Why where you staring at her and he said O MY GOD ARE YOU REALLY JELUSE I said YES II AM BECAUSE YOU ARE MY BOYFRIEND AND MY BABIES DAD WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSE TO DO LET YOU DATE HER AND LEAVE ME ALONE , He said Sabra please stop yeling you could hurt the baby. I went i my room put on my pjs and layed in bed . Then i felt the bed dip in on my lefted side and felt arms wrap aroud me and Niall saying in my neck ''im sorry please forgive me'' and since im a nice persin i did and Niall said thank you and we both fell asleep.

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