Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


11. Chapter 11.

So, yesterday I found out that Niall had to go on tour in 3 days. Why he didn't tell me when he first found out I don't know!

But, I don't this k I can handle 2 babies while I'm gone. I will try to get Sadie to help.

Hey Niall?

Yeah. Babe

why didn't you tell me when you first found out you where going on tour?

I didn't know how to tell you cause, I knew you would be sad and I don't want you to be sad.

Niall walks over to me and puts his arms around my waist and, say " you know I love you nothing is going to go wrong when ever I leave I will call, Skype, text you every day. and if you need help with Haley and Hayes then you could just mom to help or call Sadie, Eleanor, Danielle, or Perrie.

I know That's whatvi was planning on doing but, I just wanted ymto know why you didn't tell me when you first found out. 

I put my hands on nialls neck and we just stood their in the kitchen staring at each other
Then, Niall look at my lips then looked back at me. I did the same thing then, I found Niall leaning in slowly and I started leaning in too.
His soft lips touched mine and we were kissing untilled he pushed me up against the counter and we broke apart. He came to me ear and whispered you know.I love you and our babies.

Yeah I know.

Then we heard crying so we went and the babies room to her them and we grabbed then and I went and breast feed one at the time.
Niall came and kiddies all of us on the head. 
Niall what time is it? 

it is 7:39pm

oh my gosh already time is going by fast

I know it is

so nialls took the babies a bath and put them to bed while I cooked for him.




2 days later*


I woke up nialls and told him it was time for him to get up that he.has to meet up with the boys at the airport in 3 hours. I asked him if he needed help he told me. no. So while he was getting ready I was making breakfast for us. then when he was done he came and ate. then he came and kissed me and then kissed Hayes and Haley on the head and said when we land I will call you.
alright have a safe flight.
I will don't worry.
then he left.




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