Married to Niall Horan

One day you go out and get drunk and you wake up in a unfamiliar room. Wait till you find out whose room it is. Will you remember last night?


10. Chapter 10

Niall's P.O.V

''Sabra get up today is the day we bring the twins home.'' I can't wait till we bring them home and see if sabra and the babies like their rooms that i set up.

''Okay just let me put my clothes and get our stuff ready and then we can go home'' Sabra said

I went over to help Sabra. Hey, Sabra do you need some help while the babies are sleeping.

No, Thank you. Wait!!!! Yea, I do will you get the babies stuff ready 

Yes, Of course I will

So I went and got the babies dippers, clothes,powder,wipes,etc. 

Niall!!!!! i walked over to were Sabra was

Yes, Babe 

Will you please get haley and hayes up and get them ready while I sign out?

So while Sabra was doing that i went and got haley up first i changed her and rubbed lotion on her and then put her clothes on. Then, I go Hayes up and did the same exact thing. When I was done Sabra was waiting by the door for me. 


Sabra's P.O.V

While we were in the car I was thinken, like When will i get married? What dress will I get.etc. 

Hey Niall?

Yes babe

When do you think we would be able to get married?

Ummm, I really honestly, don't know mabey this week we can figure out when we are.

Okay, I can't wait.

I will probably ask Perrie,Eleanor,and Danielle to be my Bridesmaids 


When we got home the babies where hungary so i had to breast fed like the doctors said but that would be hard since i have twins but i will try. 

Niall Can you bring me the twins 

yes hang on let me set the stuff down

okay here they are

so i pulled of my shirt since i would stretch my shirt if i did it the normal way. 

Niall get out please.

What? Why? I've seen your boobs before

Fine but don't stare

Alright i won't

So i put Haley on my right boob and Hayes on my left boob but it hurt so i coudn't  hold them so i had to get Niall to come hold one of them


Authors note 

I am soooo sorry i havent been updating because iv been busy but i will try and update when i can.



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