My Baby From Bradford

I'm Yasmin. I think you guys know that. Are you guys wondering if I brought my baby to this world? Find out in this movella.

Read my other book My Bully From Bradford! If you don't read it than you won't understand this book! Thanks!


6. Tell Me A Lie

 I felt somebody hug my body and I guessed it was Zayn but Zayn is at the bar getting a drink. I see Ziam, my ex! He pulled me in the sound proof room and there I see Perrie dead! He was undressing both of us and he locked the door. I kicked him in the ass a few times but he just got on me and he did what I didn't want him to do. He did what I would never want to do. He did what would break Zayn's heart. He raped me. He unlocked the door and I got out with clothes, running to Zayn. He saw Ziam walking out of the club. "Why the hell are you here?" He looked at me and he knew what Ziam did. He actually hugged me while Louis and the rest went out to beat the shit out of him. The girls were just going near me and patting my hair. I told him about Perrie. " This bitch is dead! Why the fuck did you you date him?" He got red! He was walking but he stopped in his tracks. " He didn't use a fucking condom!" Now he was mad at me because he THINKS I am gonna have his baby! " What. The. Hell!" He took my hand, still being gentle, and then we went outside to see Nialland Harry on top of his bloody face. Fans were actually helping him because the fucking media found out!  Tell me this is a lie. Tell me a lie.



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