My Baby From Bradford

I'm Yasmin. I think you guys know that. Are you guys wondering if I brought my baby to this world? Find out in this movella.

Read my other book My Bully From Bradford! If you don't read it than you won't understand this book! Thanks!


2. Name Fighting!!!

I was about to drift to sleep but then Niall was screaming " Jasmine Malik!" There name fighting was so annoying! They suggested nice names. El and Lou were fighting about the name Louise and Elounor. " Shut up Louis and Eleanor! And el, I'm not gonna name my baby your ship name!" Zayn was suggesting the name amber. He's so stuck up with that name. He got way more childish! I came up with something! " How about Iva!" Zayn gave me his beautiful smile. " Iva Yasmina Malik!" I gave him a quick kiss on his smooth lip. " I love that name!" My mum, dad, Patti, Father(Zayns dad), Doniya, Walhiya, Safaa, Marz, and Ann came in. They all burst end into happy tears. At our home we had our own incubator or what ever you call it! Azeez was crying. I was about to take him by getting up but the over protective husband stopped Azeez's really caring sister. I bit him and got up to take Azeez. He stopped crying once I touched his skin. He gave me his cute and cheeky smile. He drifted asleep while he was on me. I drifted asleep with him too.


Sorry it was short! My mind is like blank! 

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