My Baby From Bradford

I'm Yasmin. I think you guys know that. Are you guys wondering if I brought my baby to this world? Find out in this movella.

Read my other book My Bully From Bradford! If you don't read it than you won't understand this book! Thanks!


3. Iva Feva

 I check the crib where Iva is. Then I look at the two other ones. I hope they are gone or they are gonna be filled up soon! I push them all the way to the storage room. I look at her baby blue eyes and then her light brown hair. Her pink lips were starting to turn white. Her whole body was shivering and her face was turning red. Is…is…IS SHE HAVING SEIZURES OR SOMETHING?! I woke up Zayn so he could call the rest of the bands but he stopped at Iva and looked at her pained face. He picked her up and sang Irresistable. I called ambulance.They were taking my baby girl in the big truck. I was hopping in when the driver stopped me and said, " Im sorry but you can't go." I have never took advantage of my fame but I will for Iva! " I am Yasmin Ahme… Malik so you can't stop me" I slapped him and got in. He was about to stop Zayn to come when I gave him a death glare. I motioned Zayn to come in already. He was looking at my Toms for the whole time. When we got of the truck my shoe was soaked with his salty tears. Fans started screaming while I was holding my now unconscious Iva. Zayn's hair got blacker while Iva's hair was fading. His eyes looked at mine. He was wanting a hug. I wanted one too. A one that lasted until my hair went gray. A long long one.

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