My Baby From Bradford

I'm Yasmin. I think you guys know that. Are you guys wondering if I brought my baby to this world? Find out in this movella.

Read my other book My Bully From Bradford! If you don't read it than you won't understand this book! Thanks!



 As we wakeup Zayns black hair is all over my face. I better get off or else he will blame me for his quiff! Zayn catches my tiny wrist and rolled me back on the bed making me touch his rock hard chest. " We are going to the club. Iva is staying with Doniya!!" I couldn't say no or else he will get mad. 


As I get into the shower I feel somebody with me. Zayn is of course doing that. He didn't touch my parts as he made me feel his soft skin. "Get the hell out." He just turned on the water as we hugged each other in our rain. He started the bath and I was sitting on his bare legs. While we were in our bubbly world we talked about our life. When he started bullying me. Then we went to the friend zone but then we left that zone fast. How I got amnesia and the day we seperated but then came back each other. Then we got married and had a beautiful girl. That was my life in simple words. I shampooed his hair while he did mine carefully. We got out of the shower and picked our clothes. My dress was a tight knee length dress that was blue as my contacts. It was strapless and then I paired it with my stilettos. While Doing my blue eyeliner with my red lip Zayn is fully naked, putting my makeup away, and he made me pick his boxers. He is to lazy to get his own! I did my makeup and put on my gold bracelet. It was time to go out!


At the club Eleanor and Dani were REALLY drunk. This boy who was about 16 went into our private club and they were of course---fans! We kicked them out after we had a few snaps and pics but then we dance the night away, swaying our hips like bosses! Something bad happens in the celebrity club. 

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