My Baby From Bradford

I'm Yasmin. I think you guys know that. Are you guys wondering if I brought my baby to this world? Find out in this movella.

Read my other book My Bully From Bradford! If you don't read it than you won't understand this book! Thanks!


1. Breakin. Water Breakin.

  I was sitting with my band, Second Direction. Zayn and I got married. Finally! Niall and Charlie is engaged, Harry is about to propose to Sammy, Liam is gonna marry Dani in two days, and Louis and Eleanor are already married! Our contract will probably end when you guys turn fifty! Or maybe we will never end these bands! My mummy in law came in with some fries. She doesn't like me calling her mummy in law so she said to either call her mum or Patti. I call her both. I was reaching for some fries when Zayn lightly slapped my hand. " Your due day is in one week. No fries for you!" I angrily went in the kitchen and got me some fries. Mum didn't come until I stuffed them in my mouth. I gave her a half smile. " Dear, open your mouth." I ran up the stairs and Zayn actually saw me running up the stairs so he grasped my waist and walked with me. Grrrrr! We have been fighting a lot so my baby is a teensy weensy unhealthy but it's gonna be fine! I don't like calling my baby 'it'. I smacked his hands of me but he just put them back on my tummy this time. I got skinnier ever since I had that miscarriage. Thank god one of them is alive or else I would shatter. " What's your problem? Don't you get it that I won't talk to you until the baby's born?!" I yelled at him making a scene right in front of Doniya. I was about to RUN down the stairs when I felt a cramp. I was about to fall of the stairs but Zayn captured me while screaming now that everybody came I felt something drop. My water broke. I changed into different clothes. Contractions started. Felt them for the first time. I was screaming for the whole time. Now we are at the hospital.


"PUSH!" The doctors said. They said I might need to push once more. I pushed once more and my stomach went flat. The doctors said I had this thing that when I give birth my stomach will go back to flat. My baby is out!!! "CONGRATS IT'S A GIRL!" They cleaned my girl and Zayn got her first. Louis and Ni were screaming and saying, " SHE'S IRRESISTABLE WHAT A BEAUTY!" "What should we name her?" I asked everyone.

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