My Bad Boy

I was no where near a mean bad criminal person. I never had a thing for them. until I met him. Justin Bieber. the basest in the run. but what will shock you. is just how we met. it might shock you. but this one saying still run through my head. its his voice as he told me. a warning. that I'll never forget. ' you should know, I'm feared for a reason. and if you stick around you'll find out. just how bad I am. baby.' and then there's one that everyone knew. its the one my old best friend told me. ' Justin Bieber doesn't fall in love' well I should have listened but. looking back. I'm glad I didn't.


2. wakeing up

 when I woke up I was in a hosbital. I looked and saw alexis. she smiled at me.

 Alexis: Chastity! your awake!

 Me: yeah. hurting. sleepy, zombie like but awake.

 she laughed and I just smiled. later we went home. she wouldn't leave my side, but when she fell asleep, I got up. I put on my light blue water washed jeans. black tank top, with a blue lace crop top over it. and my black knee boots on. and my black leather jacket over me. unzipped. my hair was straightened perfectly. so I left it down. and I threw my hood up I walked out. and walked to were it happened. were I got shot. I saw that figure again. I turned and walked to an alleyway, thinking I lost him, when he jumped out in front of me. I jumped. he backed me into a corner.

 me: what do you want?

 Figure: you

 Me: that's not gonna happen.

 Figure: wanna bet?

 Me: yeah.

 he smashed his lips to mine. and I kissed back. I couldn't help it. what was I doing?

 A/N sorry 4 not updating!

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