My Bad Boy

I was no where near a mean bad criminal person. I never had a thing for them. until I met him. Justin Bieber. the basest in the run. but what will shock you. is just how we met. it might shock you. but this one saying still run through my head. its his voice as he told me. a warning. that I'll never forget. ' you should know, I'm feared for a reason. and if you stick around you'll find out. just how bad I am. baby.' and then there's one that everyone knew. its the one my old best friend told me. ' Justin Bieber doesn't fall in love' well I should have listened but. looking back. I'm glad I didn't.


6. uh-oh

 when I woke up the next morning. I was beyond pissed. I couldn't believe that he could ever do something like that!..........okay I could but was so passed being wrong that it was sickening. I looked and made sure she was still fast asleep and since she was. I got up and took a shower and when I got done getting ready. I looked like this >> picture above>>

and my hair is red of course. but I went downstairs and had my headphones in listening to Eminem- toy solider I loved this song. I went downstairs and started to fix breakfast and as soon as I did the boys all started to wake up. someone came up behind me and put their arms around me. I was expecting to look down and see the familiar sleeve of tattoos. but instead saw blank arms. a head went to my neck and started kissing. but I kicked the persons shin and then turned around and grabbed the back of their head and rammed their face into my knee then turned and threw my leg up and kicked them dead in the chest and sent them flying backwards. then turned around and continued to cook without another incident. after I finished making breakfast I took a plate upstairs to the girl. hmmm maybe I should get her name and maybe take her back to her family. when I reached my room. she was awake. I took her the plate of food and glass of milk and another glass of orange juice. Just then fergie clumsy came on. I spoke up. ' so what's your name?' she looked hesitant at first but then answered. ' I'm Lucy, Lucy Collins' I had took my headphones out I smiled back at her ' I'm Chastity but most people call me Cassidy' just then my door bust open to a pissed off looking Justin. uh-oh

A/N I am soooooooo so sorry guys!!!!!! but if you read my mumble it explains why there hasn't been any updates. again soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry



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