My Bad Boy

I was no where near a mean bad criminal person. I never had a thing for them. until I met him. Justin Bieber. the basest in the run. but what will shock you. is just how we met. it might shock you. but this one saying still run through my head. its his voice as he told me. a warning. that I'll never forget. ' you should know, I'm feared for a reason. and if you stick around you'll find out. just how bad I am. baby.' and then there's one that everyone knew. its the one my old best friend told me. ' Justin Bieber doesn't fall in love' well I should have listened but. looking back. I'm glad I didn't.


5. so not cool

Okay so right now I was outside waiting on Justin to get back. from where ever he may be in the big building that looks about ready to fall. just then he comes out with, a girl by the neck and tosses her on the ground. I run to her. he grabs my arm. but I tear it away. making sure to give him a good look of the pissed look on my face. I finally got there. I approached slow. then I soon held her in my arms. she cried, she couldn't be no older than 14. I looked at her and noticed she was bleeding from her arm, lip, nose and had a black eye and one huge one on her cheek. I gave her an apologetic smile. and him the death glare. I picked her up bridal style. I used to carry my sister's and niece like this. but she weighed nothing like she should have. I put her in the back with her on my lap. he drove to a house. when we walked in, I noticed a bunch of guys . but I mostly saw a empty couch. I laid her down.

Me: Justin. don't touch her. if you do. then I will shoot you in the balls. got it? good. I'll be right back sweetie.

and with that I raided the house for ice packs. pain killers. wraps. and rubbing alcohol. Band-Aids, and I got her a pair of my sweats and a hair clip. and about 5 or 9 rags. I filled to big backing bowls up one with hot water. the other with ice cold water. and I got a bowl just as big and poured the rubbing alcohol in it. I sat everything down on the coffee table. then I sat in the floor beside her. i started working on her. while they watched. the pain meds came first. and she was out. Justin looked mad that i was being nice to her. but no girl deserved that. afterwards a girl came and lead me to a room i would use, my room. i carried the girl in and laid her on the bed. i went down stairs. i cooked steak pataoes. mac&cheesse and corn. home made bread. and then some brocklie along with a salad and everyone ate it. i put some on a plate stark already cut. and added a big bowl of fruit to the table. I fixed the girl a plate with some of everything and brought it to her. I then went and fixed a class of orange juice, milk, and water. then took those up there to. I'm southern so this is normal. when she woke up 20 min latter she came down and all the food and 3 drinks were gone I smiled then I went to bed and so did she. but the next morning....I was way passed pissed.

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