My Bad Boy

I was no where near a mean bad criminal person. I never had a thing for them. until I met him. Justin Bieber. the basest in the run. but what will shock you. is just how we met. it might shock you. but this one saying still run through my head. its his voice as he told me. a warning. that I'll never forget. ' you should know, I'm feared for a reason. and if you stick around you'll find out. just how bad I am. baby.' and then there's one that everyone knew. its the one my old best friend told me. ' Justin Bieber doesn't fall in love' well I should have listened but. looking back. I'm glad I didn't.


1. darkness

 The music was loud and I had had a few to many drinks. so I went and found my friend. we had to be up tomorrow. I seen her talking to some guy. I walked over to her. 'we should go' I said to her. ' you go ahead, I'll catch up'. I nodded and walked outside. I started home. see I lived alone. but my best friend lived a few blocks away. with her boyfriend. he was a bad boy. and we both knew it. but she loved him. I never had thing for the bad ones. they always turn out to be jerks. like Trevor was. he was my ex. the one and only bad boy. he abused me. so I toped dating him and anyone for that matter. for awhile. now I still don't. my parents live in my home town. back in NC. but I moved to Canada after my dad died. of drug abuse. I was almost home when I seen her boyfriend. he was with another girl. and she was surrounded by his goon friends. I ran to them. I pushed through them. and stood in front of her.

(R= Robert or my best friend Alexis's boyfriend)

 Me: Robert what do you think your doing?

 Robert: why? you want some to Chas?

 Me: I would rather burn in hell for eternity.

 Robert: Why do you even care?

 Me: because you date my Best friend. and if you don't stop. I'll tell her. and then I'll tell her brother. so he can kill you.

 Robert: you wouldn't.

 me: wanna bet?

 he looked at me then pulled out a gun. and pointed it at my head. I whispered to the girl. ' as soon as he pulls that trigger run. and don't stop till your safe. got it?' she nodded. he smirked at me then pulled the trigger. the girl ran. and then vanished. I fell to the ground. I heard Alexis yelling my name. but it was to late. the I saw a tall figure. looking at  me. with curiosity, who was it? I don't know. and I probably wont find out. then I closed my eyes and slipped into the darkness.

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