Fly Away, Birdie

"You're living in the middle of a war-zone, Birdie. Why don't you just fly away and be free?" In the not-so-distant future, our world is at war with a secretive terrorist society. Their aim is to cleanse the world of the unworthy, so that a perfect world can be created. Seventeen year old Birdie Frost and her father haven’t been the same since her mother became the first victim of this war. Birdie is trying to just live a normal life, wait out this awful war until the terrorists who murdered her mother are captured. But all that changed when the mysterious Thorn moves to town...


2. Thorn

After quickly signing in at reception, she hurried through the halls to her first class. She was halfway through the door when she stopped, losing track of everything she was thinking of a second ago.

This was only a small town, and it wasn’t exactly the safest place to live, so very few people moved there. However, a boy that she had never seen before was sat towards the back. Most of the people who lived here had pale skin, but his was tanned, as if he had been to a warm country such as France or Spain. His hair was jet black, and his eyes were too. Overall, he looked incredibly out of place.

And incredibly attractive…

“Late on our first day are we, missy?” The large man at the front of the class turned towards Birdie, hands on hips and chins wobbling.

“Sorry sir.” She apologised quietly, her face reddening at the sudden attention she was getting from the entire class.

“Name?” He grunted as he reached for a seating plan.

“Birdie Frost.”

“You’re at the back, third desk from the right.” He pointed to the spot next to the new boy.

Birdie slipped between the desks and collapsed into her chair. She had a painful stitch in her side and her lungs ached. Why did things like this always happen to her?

“Okay,” The teacher paced the front of the classroom, “as you all know, the entire world is at war. I want you to discuss the reasons for it with the person sitting next to you. You have three minutes.”

Birdie looked round, only to find that the back row was entirely empty except for her and the boy.

“Birdie’s a pretty weird name, don’t you think?” The boy teased.

“Oh shut up you ass,” She stared him down, “and what’s your completely normal name, then?”

“Thorn.” He shrugged.

What kind of a name was that?

“Anyway, a group of terrorists decided to blow people up ‘cause they think they’re unworthy and they want a perfect world or whatever.” He said, quickly summing up the worlds unfortunate situation.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Birdie sighed, leaning back in her chair, “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

“Wow you’re so smart!” Thorn smiled sarcastically.

Birdie ignored him, “Why would you want to move here?”

“It seemed exciting.”

Birdie stared at the boy. Did he have a death wish?

“Well where did you come from?” She asked impatiently.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” His eyes flicked to the floor, out the window, the ceiling; anywhere but back at hers.

Birdie felt bad for him. He must have gone through something terrible if he felt that way. But why? What happened to him?

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