Fly Away, Birdie

"You're living in the middle of a war-zone, Birdie. Why don't you just fly away and be free?" In the not-so-distant future, our world is at war with a secretive terrorist society. Their aim is to cleanse the world of the unworthy, so that a perfect world can be created. Seventeen year old Birdie Frost and her father haven’t been the same since her mother became the first victim of this war. Birdie is trying to just live a normal life, wait out this awful war until the terrorists who murdered her mother are captured. But all that changed when the mysterious Thorn moves to town...


3. A Month And Five Days

After that day, Thorn had tried to distance himself from Birdie. Had she really scared him off? Birdie thought that he was made of sterner stuff than that. Also, despite how much she tried to tell herself otherwise, she liked him a lot.

It had almost been a month and she had made up her mind. She was going to talk to him after class today.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang. She wove through the throng of students, looking for Thorn. At last she spotted him.

“Thorn!” She called, racing towards he turned to look at her and his eyes gave Birdie a shiver.


The conversation turned out to be a lot longer than what she had expected. It turns out, Thorn wasn’t avoiding her because he didn’t like her, but because his family simply wouldn’t allow him to have friends here. Of course, Birdie asked why. Apparently he was moving at the end of the year and it would just make everything harder when the time came.

“I was really hoping we could hang out some time though, Birdie,” He dug his hands into his pockets and kicked a stone along the pavement, “honestly.”

“Then how about we meet in secret,” She dropped her voice so it was barely above a whisper, “no one would need to know.”

He smiled. So they agreed on where and when to meet and everything went to plan.

A month and five days had passed. Everything seemed the same as it always had. Birdie didn’t even notice that his hand had been finding its way to hers for a week now.

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Thorn asked as they stood in the dingy side road that had been out of use for years.

“Yeah sure.” Birdie looked up at him, confused.

“Well… I-I’ve wanted to tell you for a while now actually,” He stammered, his usually calm voice faltering, “I really like you, Birdie, and… well… I was wondering if, you know, you did too.”

Everything suddenly felt awkward. Was this even the time for love? There was a war going on, after all.

She stared up into his eyes, suddenly losing the ability to speak. Then she realised that she didn’t have to speak. Before she even knew what she was doing, she wrapped her arms around Thorns neck and crashed her lips into his.

Birdie’s first kiss was everything she wanted it to be. For the first time since this war had started she felt safe. Everything was going to be fine; the war didn’t matter anymore. She was safe.

Or so she thought…

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