Don't Forget Me...

I'm awake... But nobody can see me.. I wake up in my house but nobody can see me not even my brother Louis.. Idk what's happening anymore. I almost gave up hope when he could.see me... He knew I was there.... He gave me hope.. I just prayed he wouldn't forget me...


11. What did I do

I felt lost, and I was lost, I didn't know what was going on, and all I had was my thoughts, I couldn't see anymore, and just stayed there for a while, but I knew it was only seconds. Then I heard people screaming, and yelling, I heard buzzers going off everywhere.

My eyes burst open, and I seen my mom standing in the door way watching the paramedics, and doctors wheel my brother into an emergency room.

"Mum?" She turned around, he eyes went wide, and she fell to her knees, "Jam, you are awake!" I knew she was happy, but hurting about Louis. I couldn't get up, I was so weak, but in a matter of minutes Harry burst into the room nearly knocking my mother over. His eyes went wide, and he started to cry, "Jam!" He almost screamed out.

"Harry" I sounded so desperate, I said it like I hadn't seen him in thousands of years, and I was happy. But the illusion of my happiness wore off, and I was now worrying about Louis.

It was bullshit we couldn't see him even though he was awake, and I hated it, it isn't like I could get out of bed anyways.

My mom was a literal mess, and she had to go home and take a break, but she couldn't drive herself. Harry had to, but by the time that he could convince my mom to leave it way already midnight. Harry said that he would stay with me over the night. When they left I called my dad, and told him to meet them at the house to make sure she stayed there.

Everything was working out perfectly, I raised my bed so that I was in a sitting position, and started to slide my legs off of the side of the bed. I wasn't even out of my bed yet, and I was exhausted already. I grabbed onto the pole that was holding  the packet for my IV, and started to slide my feet across the floor, into a room two doors down.. that it where Louis was staying.

I didn't lave my room until the nurses went on their hourly check, and then I took off. I was hoping that I could make it there before any of the nurses seen me on the cameras.

I walked up to the room, and looked into the little rectangular window that sat on his door. There he was awake. I didn't know why the nurses wouldn't let us see him, he looked horrible. Since it was an attempt of suicide he had to talk to a shrink before anyone else, but the shrink wasn't going to get there until the morning. I couldn't wait that long, and Louis didn't even know that I was awake yet, nobody was allowed contact with him.

I pushed the door open, with the little strength I had left in my entire body, while still holding onto the pole that was supporting my entire weight. Which wasn't that much anymore. I was maybe 5'3, and weighted about 113, and now I would guess about 94. It was hard to believe that after a few days of barely eating, and being in the hospital I was in such a rough shape. I could feel my risb threw my stomach, and it felt disgusting.

That was one of the main things I missed about hanging out with the boys, and well especially Niall, he was the only person I knew that could eat as much food as me. We always went on. JUST FRIEND DATES, and ate as much food as possible, and always split the bill. I missed him, and I couldn't wait to have one of those days soon, I could clearly use it.

He looked up, and I could tell that he was expecting to see a nurse, but his eyes literally looked like they could have popped out of his head when he looked up, and saw me.

"Hey" I said in an awkward tone of voice.

"Jam" He said running his eyes, thinking he was probably going about as crazy as I was.

"Louis" I hobbled over to his bed as fast as I could, and leaned over his bed, pretty much collapsing on him. He didn't even hesitate, he wrapped his arms around me, and I loved it.

Even though he didn't know what was wrong with me, I knew what was wrong with him. I could feel a tear start to drip on the back of my neck, and Louis was crying. I was so happy that it wasn't because he was sad, it was a happy tear. It creeped down my neck, and made my the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up, but I really didn't mind it at all.

"I was so worried about you" Louis whispered trying not to be loud so that the nurses could hear him.

"What do you mean worried about me with the stunt that you pulled today!?" I almost screamed at him, but managed to bring it back into a whisper.

"How did you know?" He asked me looking confused, he must of thought that we didn't know what had happened yet.

"I was the one that found you Louis" I said almost shedding a tear thinking about what I had seen when I walked into the little fort.

I don't think I could ever walk in there again without thinking about what happened.

"You left a note there Louis, but I couldn't pick it up"

He smiled, and said, "Well, I guess you better go try, and do that when you get out" He said smiling down at me. Before I had the chance to beg him to tell me what the note said, the nurse walked in with Harry standing behind her.

"What are you doing in here?!" The fat old nurse asked me grabbing me roughly by the arm.

"Ow" I screamed out in pure pain.

Harry walked up behind her and took her arm off of me, and scooped me up in his arms. Him, and Louis made short eye contact, and then Louis just nodded  signaling for Harry to take me out of the room. The nurse walked very, very close behind us rolling along my little pole.

Harry set me down as gently as he could, and it took probably about 5 minutes just to get me back in bed, I was so tired, and my eyes were just forcing themselves closed by this point, and I couldn't fight it anymore.

I was passed out within seconds, and it felt nice. It was nice to sleep, I hadn't in about 5 days, and this felt like it was going to make up for it.

When I woke up, I felt alive, and good, I felt like a million bucks, well for someone who had just gotten out of a coma.

I don't even think it should classify as a coma, I was only gone for five days. Those five days were enough to kill me though.


I woke up to a huge surprise, Harry was snuggled in up behind me in my bed, and his face was laying on my shoulder. It was kind of gross because he was drooling on me. I nudged my shoulder trying to wake him up a little bit, but it didn't really work. I flicked the middle of his forhead, and he was awake, and ready to swing at me. Well until he realized that it was actually me.

"Oh you are finally awake?" I said in a playful voice, almost sarcastically.

He smiled up at me. "I have been waiting to curl up in bed with you and cuddle for four years, and now that I had the chance I wasn't going to pass it up."

I started to blush, and I almost forgot what the feeling felt like.

"Oh shut up Harry" I said sitting up, and checking the time. It was almost three in the afternoon, and we were both still sleeping.

I remembered why I was mad at him at that moment, and I still was, I wasn't just going to forget it because he started to flirt with me again, and stared at me with those big green eyes.

"Harry, I am still mad at you"

Those were the words that were big enough to start a huge fight, and they did. Not to long after he left me in the room leaving me all alone. It was fine I seemed to like it better anyways.

I was so mad at him, he couldn't even stay here and talk it out like normal people do, it just shows how much he likes me. I got out of the hospital the next day, and my mom wanted me to go straight back to school, and I wasn't going to argue. I didn't have that many friends, but I still liked it better then being home.

I threw on a pair of sweats, and a tank top, and started to talk to school. When I walked in everybody was standing at the front door, including, Niall, Liam, and Zayn, but there was no Harry Styles waiting there for me. Part of me wished he was, and the other part of me just hated him for that.

Niall ran up to me, almost squeezing me to tight, "I went out, and ordered us a whole bunch of Chinese food for lunch" The sound of real food, besides that gross hospital food made my mouth water.

Liam came up, and hugged me, but again me, and him rarely talked, he was kind of shy actually, and that is what made him so cute. Zayn walked over to me trying to act all tough, and cool, but as soon as he got three steps closer to me, he ran up to me picking me up, and twirling me around. I wasn't even sore anymore, just really weak most of the time.

"Zayn put me down" I said giggling while I was still in the air.

"We missed you so much!"

"I missed all you guys too!"

"Louis is getting out soon?" Liam asked, but not making eyes contact with me at all.

"Yeah, he gets out tomorrow, they think he is crazy or something, but he isn't" They all nodded, and then hugged me one more time. I was bestfriends with Zayn, I was almost as close as him as I was with Louis. He wanted to come see me at the hospital, but my mom wouldn't let him. He would of had to fly three hours just to come see me, and I would of felt bad for that.

I had first class with Zayn, but that was only because he failed the coarse. He sat right next to me, and never took his eyes off of me. My classes were the same old boring thing, but the best thing was I actually felt like I was here, and present.

The entire class me, and Zayn didn't pay any attention, and I told him what Harry did to me, and it turned out that Harry had told Zayn about hit crush on me, but not what he had said to me.

Lunch time came, and I had nowhere to sit, I rarely sat with the boys because they were always gone, but sure enough there was Niall sitting with a big bag full of Chinese food. He smiled at me, and signaled for me to come over.

I did, and I couldn't wait to eat the food. I stuffed me mouth completely full with food on the first try. "I could swear you were more hungry then me" Niall said as he looked at me. He looked down at my rids, and I immediately regretted wearing the shirt that I was wearing. The tank top was to tight that you could see my ribs poking just below my skin.

"You really need to start eating" he said not taking his eyes off of my ribs, but he handed me some chicken balls.

Zayn came in not that long after me, and was sitting directly across from me, and Liam sat right beside Zayn. Harry walked in with his girlfriend saw me, and then wrapped his arms around her. She turned to him, and again just like the other day was sticking her tongue down his throat. I stopped paying attention, and looked at Zayn.

He was smiling at me, and I loved it, I missed him so much. Niall was already done his big plate full of food, and I was only half way done.

"Are you going to finish that?" Niall asked while he stuffed his face with the last bits of rice that he had.

I smiled, and gave him my plate. Harry came and sat down right beside me, and smirked while he did so. I just turned my attention completely away from him, and focused on the rest of the boys.


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